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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by DogoCanario, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. DogoCanario

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    Does anyone have any firsthand experience with Gravely or Ariens rear engine riders? I am looking to replace my Husqvarna 155 Rider (articulated) with something other than a commercial ZTR. I am looking at the Gravely 1440 Hydro RER model with the 40" deck. My total lawn area is between 3/4 and one acre. I use a New Holland tractor and a Bush Hog finishing mower in the pastures but it is too heavy and cumbersome for my lawn areas.

    BTW -- the Husqvarna rider is most certainly not engineered to handle US lawns. Way too fragile and unreliable.

    Thank you.
  2. Mowingman

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    from Texas
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    THe RER mower is just about a thing of the past. Have you looked at the Gravely "At Home" lline of homeowner ZTR machines. Pretty well built, and much easier to operate than a RER. Prices start at about $2800.00 for the 15HP/40" deck machine, and several larger models are also available.
    I think Ariens also markets the same models in Ariens paint with Ariens decals.
  3. JMac24

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    I just picked up a Gravely @home. Same lawn to mow as yourself Dogo. Works GREAT. I went with the 1740 for the extra HP and newer trans. Took my mowing from 2 hours on a Ariens 10/28 rider to 36 min. BEST money I have spent on the house yet..
  4. YardSlave

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    Dogo and JMac,

    I too have a yard about the same size as yours and have been looking at Gravely and Simplicty Z turns. Can you tell me if you also looked at Simplicity and, if so, why you chose the Gravely? Also, do either of your lawns have any slopes? If so, how is the Gravely handling the slopes?

  5. JMac24

    JMac24 LawnSite Member
    from Pac NW
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    Wow, forgot to check this thread, sorry bout the wait. I hate when I post and get nothin.

    Anyway. No slope in my lawn. Flat, flat, flat. So I cant talk about the slope issue. I did look at some other Z turns. Not simplicity tho. I chose the 1740 because of the dealer. Local guy, been around a long time and treats people right. Im a small business owner here as well and like to support them. I paid full retail, he doesnt budge but what Im counting on is service and I already know thats great.
  6. DogoCanario

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    We decided to purchase the non-ztr Gravely rear engine rider. I have not seen this unit in the daylight but my wife has used it once. Too early for a verdict.

    I seldom see negative postings on lawn care internet boards about either brand (Gravely or Simplicity).
  7. mowhigh

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    With all the buyouts going on in this industry, I think 16-18 makes are being sold by 3-4 actual owners. In any case, Gravely has as good a rep as anything else mentioned. Good luck!

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