Gravely or Exmark???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jgautreau, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. jgautreau

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    Hey guys. I'm new to this site and business. I am going to be purchasing a 36" WB in Feb. and I was needing advice on what type of mower to get. Which one gives the better cut and which one will last longest? Thanks for the help.
  2. EJK2352

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    Get an Exmark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sam-Ohio

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    Which will last the longest ?
    That is likely an exact tie. Both machines are excellent, their engines are from the same supplier, the quality of the components used are equaly good. I would give the Gravely a bit better rating for their mower spindles,but over all it's a tie.

    The quality of the cut is also near a dead tie in my opinion. The Gravely has a Slightly deeper mower [by 1/2 inch] but both of them have a flawless quality of cut.

    Both have control handle grips that are verticle and some think more comfortable than the classic horizontal squeeze grips most pro mowers have. This is like a system that Snapper actually pioneered about 15 years ago.
    I would say that the Exmarks steering controls work the smoothest of the two, but again it is a real close call. The Brake locks also are easier to work on the Exmark.
    The Gravely has a rear handle bar loop that allows you to assist the mower to jump curbing, or to pull back and lift the handle to assist the mower back up out of a ditch or out of deep mud. These things can be more difficult with the Exmarks control handles.

    You should still be able to demo each of these mowers in San Antonio ! Why don't you go to each dealer and run them to see what you think of them instead of what we think of them.

    Since you are "new to the business" you also need to pay attention to the dealer you are going to get in bed with. A great machine purchased from a poor dealer is still going to be a real pain to you down the road. The size of the parts inventory the dealer keeps on hand, the number of and skill of the mechanics he has, The general attitude of the dealer and his maintenance people toward the pro mowing companies will either help make you or break you down the road. If these people don't keep you running, you can't keep your customers happy either - so choose your dealer as carefully as you choose your equipment - cause they come packaged together.
  4. mikeshere89

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    exmark 36 metro all the way, you wont be dissapointed.
  5. Bai Bai

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    i'm a gravely man. i purchased a 36"gear drive Pro steer in may. It was extremely hard to use and i took it back and got a 36" gear drive with normal hand grips like most mowers. it makes a wonderful cut even in high wet grass it threws very few chunks and is extemely fast (13hp Kawasaki) I put a sulky on it because in 5th gear you have to run behind it. probably 8.5 mph. faster than what the book says (7mph) however the mower is not very fun to use. if it were a hydro it would be much better. i'm probably going to get a 44" hydro this spring. you'll get a nice cut even on somewhat uneven terrrain and you'll have enough mower sticking out that getting around obstacles will be fairly easy.
  6. AMAC

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    I've got them both and love them both, however, the ex-mark dealer in my area has a better turn around time with repairs and also gives me a loaner if repairs are needed. The gravely dealer is an ag store and they ship the mower off and I am down for 2 weeks, this hurts my pocket book. The equipment you use is not as important as your dealer relationship.
  7. GardenTech

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    Have ( 3 ) older Gravely Pro 50's..and they've outlasted the two different dealerships I purchased them I'm using the oldest one to keep the other two running. Don't know what it's like in San Ant., but here in the Northeast I would guess that Exmark Dearerships probably outnumber Gravely Dealers 4-1, thus making Exmark parts easier to find and pricing a little more competitive...

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