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Gravely or ExMark


LawnSite Member
Northeast Ohio
I have a chance to buy a Zero Turn - Gravely PM148 Z (Kawasaki. 21 Horse, 48" deck, with catcher) with 89 hours for $5000, or ExMark Lazer CT (Kohler 18 Horse, 48" deck) with 270 hours for $4200. Both are in good shape.

Which is the better buy?

Travis Followell

LawnSite Silver Member
I would say the Gravley is a better buy than the exmark although if I was buying a new one I would definately take Exmark over Gravley.


LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
Ask this question in the comm'l forum and you will get most people taking the eXmark.

Not as many people come to this forum.

The eXmark is a better cutting machine and the leader in the industry. Gravely and many others are followers where Hustler and eXmark are leaders.