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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by steve m, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. steve m

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    looking to get new mowers for spring a 36in walkbehind & a z turn. would like to know everyone thinks. thanks

    RICHIE K LawnSite Senior Member
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  3. HS Football Rules

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    This whole reply is based on assumption, for you gave no details.:hammerhead:

    #1 The dealer support rant...yada yada
    #2 Determine your NEEDS ( hilly?, soft irrigated turf?..etc)
    #3 Solo or many operators?
    #4 Need manicured finish or "cut and run"?
    #5 Dual or single hydro on the W/B

    Both brands you mentioned should do well in given situations, but both have
    their flaws.

    If you are solo, or have just one or two helpers...consider BOP Quick 36
    Excellent machines...single hydro, very small footprint, win-win on price.

    If not, and single hydro will work for you, then look at Ferris Hydrocut.

    If you need dual hydro, in a 36", go gravely.

    If your looking at the smaller end of the Z-turns, go gravely.

    If you need a "big dog", then Ferris tips the scale for me, The better components
    and power options don't kick in until you get up to the IS3100.

    Finally, if you buy a Z-turn without demo-ing it first, don't cry if it doesn't work out
    the way you expected.
  4. daysel

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    I almost bought a gravely 34z after demoing it several times. Then I rode a scag 36"zcat.
    Not comparable. The scag was a little more, but handleded and cut so much better. Plus, a 3 year warranty on top of alot better features.
    I'd just go with the best dealer, because that's what it comes down to when you have problems.

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