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    I am in need of a new mower and really can't decide what to get. I want something that will last and isn't going to be junk or be replaced in 5 years, but I really don't have much money available right now. I have about an acre that is flat except for a decent sized ditch in the front that needs to be cut and is is somewhat smooth but it is bumpy in areas.

    I am looking at some Gravely zero-turns and want to know if the ZTXL is really worth the ~$1300 over the entry level ZT. They are the same motor but I know the XL has a heavy gauge welded deck where the ZT's is stamped and the XL has a better and servicable trans. Other than that is there much difference? And is it worth the extra money when money is really tight?

    I have also seen the new Hustler Raptor and it seems like it would fall right in between those two quality wise but the cheapest of the three of them. How would that compare as far as value and longevity to the two Gravelys?

    I am also not dead set on a ZTR, but it seems that with what a decent tractor would cost it isn't much more to get the ZTR, unless there is something I am missing.

    I just want something that won't have to be replaced in 5-8 years and would hope to get about 15 years out of it, but am pretty limited with my funds.

    And getting used isn't an option right now since money is tight and I will need to get from a dealer that is offering 0% financing.

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