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Gravely or Scag? and hp question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BigTwoHearted, May 14, 2003.

  1. BigTwoHearted

    BigTwoHearted LawnSite Member
    from VA (z7)
    Messages: 17

    Scag or Gravely? 13 or 15 hp?
    The respective Scag and Gravely dealers in my area have quoted me the same price (3,000) for both the Scag and Gravely machines equipped as follows: gear (belt) drive, 15 hp Kawasaki, and 48" fixed deck. The Scag dealer was not sure if his machine was powered by a single or a twin Kawi--I'm pretty sure it's a twin . He has to order the mower, as he is a small mom-and-pop operation, stocking only the "big sellers": while he didn't have any walk behinds on the floor, he did have three Tiger Cubs ready to go.

    Hmmmmm. . . .

    The Gravely dealer was an entirely different experience. They had nearly the entire line assembled and on the floor, were helpful in the extreme, gave me a catalog, and quoted me prices that were below MSRP.

    Obviously, the Gravely dealership wins that part of the contest hands-down. They also had a 13 hp Kawi twin wb w/ 36" fixed deck for 2,500. Is there going to be a noticeable (read that regrettable down the road) difference between the 13 and 15 hp? The dealer tells me that the 13 will have no problems whatsoever pulling a Velke. In fact, he claims a mower with an 8hp engine would do the job, but I am not so sure. The 36" deck poses no problem, as I can use it where the 48 won't fit.

    The only reason I hesitate on the Gravely is I've seen several posts about belt wear/fraying issues.

    Thanks for the help!

    "If you can't afford to buy it the first time, then you surely can't afford to buy it twice."

    "If you don't have time to do it right, you don't have time to do it over."

    (You were right, Dad. Thanks!)
  2. Grass Master

    Grass Master LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 328


    The Scag is a much better unit hands down!

    If you have a Great Dane dealer in your area check out the Scamper HG. It is dual hydro at very reasonable prices! ($3, 500 to $3,800)

    Great machine....I now own 2!

    Good luck!
  3. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,667

    BigTwo, You know my recommendation here....lol, but to be honest, which ever unit you go with, you won't be disappointed. Again, take a look at the features you are getting with both, the dealer you are getting it from, and make the decision from there. If you've read my recent posts, it seems I remedied the belt issue. I did a modification on my own then called Gravely and they are doing the exact same thing as a fix. I've not mowed as of yet, but there is a noticeable difference when already with a simple procedure to the idler arm. DEFINITELY ask the dealer about this as there are two tech bulletins at Gravely that explain what to do. Make sure they do that at the dealer and see if they will give you some sort of a deal or extended warranty for this. You may know more about the unit than they do...:) Also have them torque down the pulley's on the deck as they may not have been tightened enough at the factory. I too looked at the scagg and again when I compared the offering, I was getting more with the Gravely (bigger wheels, higher ground speed, bigger fuel tank, etc) While these may be minuscule, I liked having bigger tires and thicker deck material. Better traction especially when pulling a sulky of choice. The Scagg definitely has a solid deck, so I wouldn't worry about that. Anyway, you can't go wrong with either. Keep us posted as to your choice!! By the way, you should see if you can get the floating deck for the price they are quoting you for the Fixed. I paid $3075 out the door with tax. Just an fyi
  4. BigTwoHearted

    BigTwoHearted LawnSite Member
    from VA (z7)
    Messages: 17

    Thanks, dwost. Your previous posts in of themselves had me sold on Gravely. Then, I called a local dealer. . . . I was left wondering if this guy's business consisted of a cell phone and a refrigerator box tucked away in an alley. Yes, even little old neophyte me seemed to know more than he did. A scary thought, that.

    I found another dealer. This is the same guy who said he dropped the floating decks. He claims that he had numerous decks come back to him with "adjustment problems" due to key-holing where the deck/hangers attached. He said he welded washers, etc., to the decks to fix the problem. I do not know the width of the decks in question, or to what type of use (abuse?) they had been subjected. I figure machines and tools are to be used and, as such, parts should be expected to wear out and, occasionally, even break. Happens.

    I hesitate to buy something new that needs to be "repaired," i.e., modified before I use it. Your experience with the belts, for example. Responses to your posts seem to indicate you have been far from alone in this experience. On the plus side, it's great that you were able to remedy this problem on your own. SO American! (OOOH-Rah!)

    For my acre-and-a-half, I'm thinking a fixed deck in either 36" or 48" will do nicely. I assume the same in a floater will do as well, albeit more nicely. The 15 hp Kawi causes me to smile: "Too much power is just enough," right? I don't know about the 13 hp.

    The agony of the decision is becoming too much. I've given myself until this time tomorrow to decide. If nothing else, I flip a coin at 09:00. either way, I'll let you know what came home with me after work tomorrow.

    Again, thanks for the much needed input and advice!
  5. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,667

  6. geogunn

    geogunn LawnSite Gold Member
    from TN
    Messages: 3,010

    NOPE--you have to pay shipping!payup

  7. BigTwoHearted

    BigTwoHearted LawnSite Member
    from VA (z7)
    Messages: 17

    Saturday. My mower--a 15 hp Kawi Twin Gravely Pro Steer with 48" deck is to be delivered Saturday.


    For those of you who tried your best to steer me toward Scag, I really tried to make Scag work for me, but the dealers in my area are apparently having a fabulous year. Their attitude, which they seem to have in abundance (for maximum effect, picture a VERY bitter SNL-era Norm MacDonald as Bob Dole) "You want it; we have it; you'll pay for it."

    To Scag's credit, however, the company did send a catalog and CD ROM within three days of my request. Obviously, the problem is not the company or the product but the dealers I attempted to work with. Too bad. I really think I would have "gone orange," had I felt the dealers would be there when I needed parts, advice, whatever, down the road.

    But enough hot air.

    The Gravely dealer could not have been more willing to help and, frankly, you are right, dwost. The Gravely's just yield far more machine per dollar.

    So, again, THANKS to all who offered their sage advice, wisdom, opinions, and experience. I'll keep you posted.

  8. stevo22

    stevo22 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 344

    i've got the prosteer 1336...i weigh 230 and the 13 twin kaw has not even thought about bogging...matter of fact i have cut some very tall nasty wet grass w zero problems...i am running the double kit too...wish i had the 48...i've got several gated yards that the 48 wouldn't work though...congrats on the purchase...takes about 2-4hrs to get used to the prosteer...love it though...
  9. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,667

    BTH, Glad to hear you made the decision go go with the Gravely!! You won't be disappointed. Couple of things to add. DO THE PULLEY FIX!!!! It worked!! I mowed last night for the first time since I reversed the pulley. It made a complete difference as I installed one of the new Kevlar belts and there is ZERO signs of rubbing on the pulley!! So, the good news is that you should have no issues with the unit once this fix is completed.

    As for the prosteer, that is a sweet setup. I wish they had released that when I bought mine last year. as a matter of fact, I was on the phone with Gravely yesterday and got the schematic and parts breakdown to do the conversion myself. That was until I added up what they wanted for it. This is what gets me. You buy the unit with it installed and it only raised the retail price by about $150. You go to add this yourself and guess what, the total came out to $1,050!!!!! JUST for the handle bar assemblies and the parts. A total rip. I'm hoping that this design catches on and they start offering it on more of their mowers. That should drop the price. The other option would be if they would offer it as a conversion kit as eXmark does with their ECS and Toro does with the T-bar. Anyway, I'm looking at retrofitting a T-bar possibly as I've seen it done with other models and should only cost around $250.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase, you will absolutely love it. By the way, snap some shots of it when you take delivery.

    Geogun, I made a mistake, but even with the buy it now option and the $99 shipping special that is still below retail.:)

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