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    Are you a current Gravely owner? We'd love to get your feedback on your Gravely. Which machine(s) are you running? Where are you located? What kinds of grass are you cutting? Let us know what you think about your Gravely and how it helps your business.
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    I currently run the Gravely Pro-turn 160 in Northeast PA. The mower is primarily used on fescue lawns. I have about 8 hours on this new mower and I am thoroughly impressed thus far. I gave a review of the machine at the end of 2011. Here is a link in case anyone is interested. The review touches on a little bit of everything.

    I got to use the mower for the first time in 2012 this past weekend prior to aerating. My review still stands. This machine is definitely a nice performer. I believe Gravely gives you a lot for your dollar when compared to other machines. The machine is comfortable to ride due to the standard suspension seat. The mower also allows easy access for maintenance. I will forward any additional thoughts I have as the season progresses.

    For anyone who is interested, I should be posting a review of Gravely's striper kit once the lawns get going. I will provide some side by side comparisons so you can decide for yourself. I also plan to try out the new Gator G6 blades.

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    I am running a Pro Turn 252 and a Pro Walk Hydro 36. The 36 gets the places the 52 can't go. I don't even carry a 21 anymore. I am in south Georgia and most of what we cut down here is Centipede. There is a little bit of St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia, Rye, Bermuda, and weeds mixed in there as well. Both of my Gravely's can cut anything and they do it well. They leave everything looking like freshly laid carpet.

    I have the OEM chute blockers installed on both mowers. I also got the mulch kits for both mowers. To be honest, the chute blockers have worked so well I have never used the mulch kits. I think the chute blockers should be standard issue on all mowers. Being able to close off the deck on the fly is great.

    I would put my Gravely side by side against any other mower out there. I think it is the best machine for the money. Since I switched to Gravely last year. My productivity has increased while my downtime has decreased. Check out the fleet program. It saved me a bunch on two top of the line mowers.
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    I run a Pro 160 and have about 350 hrs on it. I've been in the business for 23 years and the last 3 mowers I've owned have been North of $10K each. So last June I needed a new mower and decided to take a chance on something a little less expensive than what I had previously been running. I chose Gravely mainly because I could get more for my money. As it turns out I ended up with a highly productive machine that had a cut quality second to none. Mine has the 60 in deck coupled with a 26HP Kawi. I run the OEM mulch kit year round cutting mostly St Augustine and Bahia grass here in Central Florida. I was a little concerned that this mower has no zerk fittings to grease, everything is permanently sealed for life. So far, with 350 hrs on the clock and all I've had to do is change oil and filters on the engine and hydros with no other maintenance to worry about. Would I buy another one? You bet I would, without even looking at any other brand.
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    Bump. Subscribe. Looking at new.
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    I have an 08 160Z with the 25hp kohler and 60" X-Factor deck. I now have 1300+ hours on it and it has been relatively trouble free. It cuts great and leaves a very crisp smooth finish cut in our northern tall fescue grass. I do have a few things you can work on improving.

    1. Discharge. For what ever reason this mower does not discharge way out the side. It kind of directs the grass out and down. This is not good on those thick lush spring lawns. It leaves heavy rows of discharged clippings requiring a second pass at a higher height to clean it up. If it threw the grass straight out instead of directing it down and out that would solve that issue. I do not run the chute.

    2. It is not as easy on the turf when you turn as some other mowers are. It wants to drag one rear tire depending on what direction you turn. It even does it on asphalt. For example last year I demoed a much heavier john deere Z920a 60" and that mower would turn so easy it would not tear up a lawn. I thought being 200+ pounds heavier it would be worse so I was surprised when I got to use it how easily it turned!

    3. Please put grease fittings back! I absolutely hate not having grease fittings! I just had to replace the front castor bearings this spring. I am sorry but I am NOT going to disassemble them every year to repack them when all that is required is a simple grease fitting!

    4. Please stop with the terrible cheap seats on the lower end models like our 34Z and 160Z. Im not saying you have to put the high dollar suspension seats on the lower end models but the seats you use fall apart WAY to easily. Our 1998 lazer z hp has over 2500 hours on it and the seat is just now starting to have issues. We have never had a gravely seat last more than 800 hours before it starts falling apart.

    We do like our gravely mowers but may be switching on our next purchase if some issues are not addressed.
  7. TinMan1

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    I dont own a Gravely but saw one up close for the first time yesterday at a Bush Hog dealer and was really Impressed with how stout it was built! I dont think there is a dealer in my area Ill have to look, very interested now
  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    I forgot the fuel line setup. That clear fuel line inside the tank is a horrible setup. It drys out and cracks and starts sucking air. Has done it on every gravely mower we have ever owned. No issues with the exmarks, bobcats, cub commercial or scags we have owned. Change that design for god sake!
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    I just ordered a 2012 Pro-Turn 452 with a bagging system and stripe kit. Should have it in a week or two. I will keep everyone up to date as I start to mow.

    Here is a link to my 400 series demo review.
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    2004 Gravely 152z
    2005 Gravely 34z
    (2)1970ish Gravely 500 series tractors with many attachments

    The 152z is my work horse and has been a rock solid performer.I did install wider tires to help on hillsides.The deck does struggle in real wet conditions but I make it work out by double/triple cutting in those conditions.

    The 34z has an awesome cut and that unit I also added wider tires .This mower cuts great in wet conditions but can rut due to it's weight and narrower rear tires.

    The 2 older tractors are absolute beasts one is a 12hp and the other is the 8hp Kohler.They are dangerous at times to operate but dead nut reliable and will chew through everything you throw in front of them.LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    I have been real happy with my Gravely's and wanted to purchase a new 36" hydro with the new style steering(not the pistol grip) but just fell into a deal on an almost new exmark 36tthp and bought it a couple weeks ago .I'm really glad to see Gravely is really trying to jump into the mainstream and play with the other big boys . My family has owned Gravely's for 50 years and I hope to pass Gravely down to my son.Keep up the good work guys.

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