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Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by Gravely Commercial, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. mtmower

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    If you need to get one earlier maybe get in touch with your local Gravely rep and see if some strings can't be pulled after you demo the current one and see if it's falling short or not. The Gravely team has gone out of their way a couple of times for me, more so than other big name mower manufacturers to date.
  2. chuacro

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    I am confused. I bougth my Gravely compact pro commercial 2/12. You are telling me this is a homeowner mower. I will be calling Gravely tomorrow about this.
  3. GMLC

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    The compact pro is a full commercial machine. The confusion was with a 34z built before the compact pro model was introduced.
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  4. taterbug

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    I use a Gravely ZT2352 Home that I got at an auction as a back up mower. Being a home edition I wasn't expecting too much. The speed has to be kept slower to get a good cut but will leave a good looking lawn behind. What is impressive is the rock solid construction and with new aftermarket blades it lifts lawn with good vacuum and discharges decently. I have noticed on this model as well as new commercial units at the dealer that there are very few grease zerks so I drilled and tapped some in places I know needed some. As I am looking for a new mower for this season, Gravely is on my short list, but my choice is up in the air. I have several brands to choose from here in Middle Tennessee and just have a couple of more demos to do. I currently run Hustler and Toro, we'll see.
  5. KCMO95

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    Just bought my first gravely, a pro turn 152. I can say that if things keep going the way they have, I won't be owning anything but a gravely for quite a few years to come.
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  6. douglee25

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    For any of the gravely owners, has anyone done anything to remedy the inability to traverse a hill on an angle?

    I can not hold a line at all. Even on a dinky bank on my front yard the mower just goes down. I have tried slow, fast, using more stick on the wheel further down hill. Nothing works!

    Is it tires? What is the issue?

  7. mtmower

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    If you haven't already set them make sure to check your tire pressures. This doesn't sound like a big deal but it's huge. I'm not sure what model your running or tire size you have, but on the bigger 24" commercials tires I run anywhere from 8 to 12 psi. This can make a world of difference. Some ZTRs are balanced different than other models as well. More weight on the rear wheels usually means better traction but can also me lighter front end which may bounce more over rough surfaces, or feel less stable on an uphill climb, and cause more tearing of the turf turning. Not enough weight in the rear may cause less grip but aid in the said previous things. The only other option I can think of off hand is adding a little weight to the rear and see how it handles. Usually slow smooth movement is what you want with no wheel spin.
  8. douglee25

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    from PA
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    Thanks for the insight. I have a pro-turn 160 and I run 8 psi currently. I haven't checked the pressure in a year so that might be something to look into. I'll give it a look this weeeknd.

  9. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I bought my first ZTR a couple months ago; a Pro Turn 148 and I couldn't be happier. Cut quality is outstanding and the ZT3400 transaxles are smooth. I'm thinking my next mower will be a 460 or 472 diesel for larger commercial accounts and a 34 hydro WB with prosteer controls for backyards. I owned a Gravely 34 WB for a couple years about 4 years ago and that was an excellent mower as well. I sold it when I sold the business but now that I'm back in it I really wish I had kept it.
  10. Dotcop690

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    I just picked up a new Gravely Pro Turn 452 with a bagging system and a Pro Turn 148 both mowers have Kawasaki engines. Both mowers do a beautiful job. I have been well pleased with my investment.
    Customer care and service have been superb at my local dealer and with the Gravely sales rep.

    I wish the 148 had the air ride seat.....
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