gravely PM 460?


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Northern KY
My friend has a gravely PM460 outfront mower 72"deck/30hp Yanmar diesel 2WD.He is sellin it for $3500. it is about 10 years old.Is this price pretty good for that unit?This mower would be great for some of my larger open yards.My neighbor had a similar Kubota F2400 with 4WD and wanted around $8K.I noticed on Gravelys website they dont even make the 460 anymore.Anybody know why?Would that make it hard to get parts for it?Thanks----Mike


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Flint, Michigan
I don't think you'd have much trouble getting parts for it, but some parts won't be kept in stock, either. The fortunate thing is, is that many, or most of these parts are general, anyway. In other words, there are many other parts and suppliers that will carry such items as belts, pulleys, bearings, hoses, valves, pumps, and so on.
One thing about these units, is that they are ONE BIG MOWER. They take up alot of space, have alot of weight to haul, and do NOT cut like a Z. First of all, they just don't have the blade speed. However, depending on the shape of this unit, and how many hours are on it, the price really doesn't sound that bad, because these things are built like tanks, and can really cut with some power. These things are the real deal. As far as this particular model goes, the engine will probably long outlast the mower, as well. These are quite the machine!