Gravely PM34Z For Home Use?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sbailey, Mar 30, 2006.

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    I have just moved and now have 1 acre to mow. The 21" Honda mower I have is just not going to cut it anymore. I am thinking of a ZTR in an attempt to speed up my weekly lawn mowing. I have been looking around for a used/demo unit but have not found much in my area (Hopkinton, Massachusetts). A dealer close to me has a demo (last years model, only 3 hours on it) Gravely 34Z for sale for $3950. I know a commercial machine is a little bit of overkill for only 1 acre per week, but the residentail zero turns just look so cheap and the ground speeds seem slow. I would rather spend some extra $ and have a machine that will last. My dad has a Gravely walk behind that he has had for 20+ years and it is still going strong. Any thoughts on the price of $3950 for a demo 34Z with 3 hours on it? Is this a good machine?


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    I don't know much about gravley recently but used a walk behind like your dads about 15 years ago and loved it It was a tank. It took all kinds of abuse.

    Right now I cut and acre and a quarter and use a Exmark CT 48" and love it. It is a tank and I bet will be my last mower. It also is fast as heck. I cut my grass in less than and 1 hour. What ever mower you get you ought to get a striper kit for it. It really makes the lawn look nice.
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    I've been trying to find a local dealer with the Gravely 34z. I tried one at last year's Lawn and Garden expo in Louisville and loved it. Unfortunately, the dealer that was close to us stopped carrying that line. The price you've been quoted is excellent as I think this year they are a lot more expensive. The idea of a walk behind (maybe with a stand on sulky) is good too. I've got an ExMark Metro 36" that has taken a commercial beating for about 3-4 years now.
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    The 34Z versus a home owner ZTR is definitely the way to go. This machine will last a life time doing 1 acre a week.

    I bought one for my lawn and because the machine is so good, I decided to get a few accounts and work part time.

    One warning - because of its small "foot print" its not good on hills. For relatively flat property it works like a charm. IMO - better cut vs an Exmark I used to have.

    If you buy - look at Kawasaki web site and find out how to double your engine warranty.
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    I have a 44z for commercial use and it is teriffic. You will love the 34.
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    For that price, get it. Very strong running mower. As mentioned, stay away from hills. The power it has is great and the cut also. Been using the 34Z for couple of years now with no problems. That mower will last you a life time for home use.

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