gravely pro-150


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i have a 50" 14 horse kawasaki. Any of you have one of the 50" mowers? This is my primary mower this year for a handfull of yards. It works pretty good.. So who has one and what do you think about it??

Thanks guys! snapper


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I've got one, it's about three years old or so. When the belts aren't breaking it runs great. My biggest problem is dealer support. They never seem to have the belts I need when I need them, and they want to charge me extra for ordering them. Waht? Aren't they suppose to have 'em in the first place? Anyway, works great in dry grass, but clumps pretty badly in the tall wet stuff, although it still gives an even cut when it's wet. It's got good power and can pull my big behind all day long. I wouldn't reccomend it for the newbie, but an 'ol goat like me can appreciate a tempermental machine, I guess.


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i've got one. been using it about 4 years now without any major problems. i had to replace the tranny last season ($220), but other than that its just change the oil, air filter and belts and go.

i mow in 5th gear 90% of the time. it does alright in regular growth, but in the heavy stuff i have to slow it down.

I'm currently lookin to put a 17 or 18hp on there to replace my tired 14

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