Gravely Pro 300 Hydro 50" for $650

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wreak, Oct 20, 2004.

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    A week ago I was up at the local gravely dealer and was looking at the new Gravely 34" ZTR's and Hydro walk behinds and the owner asked if he could help me. I asked about pricing and financing and then also asked about used equipment. Since I'm totally new to this business I have always read on here that you would want to start out with something used. The guy told me that somebody just traded in a Gravely walk behind with a 50" deck and that he was going to sell it for $650 after he replaces some parts and that he was going to offer a 30 day warranty and if something breaks and he couldn't fix it within the 30 day warranty that he would refund what I paid for it.

    So they take me in the shop and show it to me and this thing looks pretty good and it was a hydro with electric start, 16Hp B&S Vanguard V-Twin. They needed to replace the starter solenoid, hydro tank (got punctured by the one wheeled velky), put new blades on, change all fluids, filters, etc and pretty much factory recondition it. He said it would take 2 days to fix but it took about a week since they were so busy and I wasn't in too much of a hurry to get it.

    I picked it up today and the guy who loaded it up for me said that the controls were pretty sensitive and that the right control might need adjusted and said if I had any issues then just bring it back for them to make some adjustments. This dealer is awesome and has awesome equipment. Choo Choo's Lawn Equipment . So I get it home and took off the Velky so I wouldn't kill myself backing it out (or I could've hung it by the chain they had). I tried to get used to the controls while in my 6' x 10' trailer but in that little of space I couldn't get anything figured out. I got it backed out of the trailer and ran it around my yard and it is going to take me about 8 hours of using it in a HUGE football field for me to get used to the controls.

    I have three questions...

    1. Was this a good price even though the mower is so old? I think it may be a 1995 model???

    2. Is it common to have a Gravely Pro-300 mower with a Gravely Pro-50 deck? The deck says Pro-50 but the chassis shows Pro-300...

    3. How hard is it to adjust either side of a hydro? (I'll do a search on the site for some more answers on this).

    Model = 988019

    Engine = B&S Vanguard 16HP V-Twin
    Model = 303777
    Type = 1142 A1
    Code = 95012311

    I'm in search of a manual for this now.

    Sorry for such a long post.
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    Just about any running hydro mower is a good buy at $650.00. You're better off already from where I started..LOL

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