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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Apr 23, 2015.

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    I thought I would do a quick review for anyone interested in Standers. I prefer standers over any other machine, I've owned V-Ride, Grandstand, Quick Track, and now the Pro Stance to compare apples to oranges. I had one bad experience with a Gravely in the past and I kind of came to conclusion that there is always one bad apple in the bunch. After reading review after review of positives on the new Pro Stances, I decided to get one for myself to try out.

    I think Gravely really did their numbers on this machine. I can't say anything as far as reliability after only having a full day under my belt, however, from day one this is my conclusion;

    1. Very fine attention to details. The machine is very well thought out, everything seems to work together and fit together perfect.

    2. Great features. The machine is loaded with featurs such as hour meter, fuel gauge, air filter service reminder countdown by hours, oil change service countdown my hours, etc.

    3. Smooth, Very Smooth. After operating this machine for a day, I swore I was out mowing lawns in a Cadillac.

    4. Cut Quality. Last, but not least! The cut quality was simply amazing. I used it today on Weekly and Bi-Weekly lawns, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and over seeded Rye. The Pro Stance out-cuts the 36" V-Ride by a long shot. In my opinion, it has the Turbo Force deck beat on my 36" Grandstand. The cut is perfectly flat, doesn't miss any grass, and disperses the clippings so well I decided I'm not even going to mulch this year with this machine. It just cuts that smooth.

    Overall, I think Gravely did a great job designing this machine, it's well designed, seems well built, cuts great, looks great, and feels great. My dealer signed me up under some program with the purchase, 48 hour repairs or a free loaner. Couldn't be happier. :usflag:
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    Didn't have much time for pictures today, here's a quick shot of the beautiful baby.

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    Both GMLC and I posted reviews on these mowers within a few minutes of each other a couple years back. IMO, they cut beautifully, and are very smooth. I prefer a ZTR 10-1 over a stander for comfort, but the stander sure has its place.
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    I bought a 2015 60' Pro Stance last fall with the XF II deck. I'm into my first month with this machine and I've been very impressed.

    The cut quality is fantastic!

    It's been very wet this past week, very impressed with the XF II performance in the wet. At the advice of other members on this forum, I removed the baffles, but honestly can't tell much difference.

    The only irritating thing I could knock Gravely for is there safety feature when removing your hand from the Zarm. It shuts the unit down. Shut the blades off yes, shut the entire unit off? Totally not necessary IMO.

    Totally love the foot pedal to raise and lower the deck on the fly. For my big 60' this is a very nice feature to reduce scalping.

    On my Vantage to raise the deck your also raising the motor. It's, a PIA to change heights. I always thought that was a piss poor design for both the Vantage and GS. With Gravely you dial up your height and use the foot pedal to unlock/lock the deck

    With all the hype the Vride gets on this forum, it's nice to see a plug for Gravely Pro Stance series, they did a nice job with this one. It just might be the best kept secret out there!
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    I didn't think about mentioning the foot pedal / dial feature until after I posted, but I would like to add, it is very nice. Any time you come up to an obstacle, a tree root, etc., you are able to lift the deck by foot. I also hated the same thing about the Grandstand, you lift the engine with the deck. I thought it was the most hideous set-up, and let me tell you, I hope you don't ever have to take the deck off of the vantage or grandstand, it is a pita. :laugh: I was stoked about the cut quality when I picked up the machine, it seems well built. I wish they would had put an FX engine on the 36 is my only complaint. But I have to admit the FS engine was running very smooth yesterday. As far as handling and hydraulics, I think the machine is probably the smoothest I've felt.

    Ridin Green, I haven't tried out the ztr you mentioned. I like ZTR's, however they all have their purposes. This machine will not be used on anything, but small yards around 4k-10k, hence the reason I picked up a 36. I couldn't refuse the sale price neither. $5919. + tax felt like a steal for the machine. :usflag:
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    Quick Question for you Pro Stance owners. I'm reading through the manual being that it's raining cats and dogs outside. I see this machine has three belts, "drive belt, deck belt, and a timing belt." Which tells me the blades are timed? But can't find any where in the manual about positioning the blades. Do the blades need to be positioned in a certain way in order to not hit each other?
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    You misread my post. Both GMLC and I posted reviews on the Prostance at the same time. Neither of us knew the other was going too do it either. I demo'd a 48" and he had the 52" IIRC. The wright-ups are both here on LS with tons of pics in both. I was simply stating that I prefer a ZTR to a stander for comfort.
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    48" or 52" ?

    I have 2 old Great Dane Surfers, the one with the foot platform behind the wheels, not between the wheels. Have you ever operated one of those ? How does the Grand Stand compare ? Thinking of upgrading in a year or so.
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    Mine is a 36. Will be used on small yards with gates.
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    Gotcha. As far as the reviews, I caught the reviews. Your review and GMLC's reviews were both excellent and detailed. They were actually what convinced me to try the Pro Stance. I still have and like the V-Ride and how it's built, but the Advantage Deck just wasn't living up to my expectations. It cut "okay" under the right conditions, I know the velocity would be much better. But they don't make a Velocity deck on the smaller V-Rides, and a 36 is a must around here with the population growing every day, the houses are coming closer and closer together, and the gates are getting smaller and smaller. :laugh: I knew if I could find a 36" Stander that cut as well, if not better than the Grandstand, seemed more "heavy duty", and had more features, I would have a winner. The Pro Stance did just that. I haven't put a lot of time on it, it's raining cats and dogs today, so that's out the window. But as far as cut quality it has both the Grandstand and my V-Ride beat. It's built as well as the V-Ride and better than the Grandstand. I think it will be a money maker.

    I was stoked about my dealer offering the 48 hour fix guarantee, or a loaner. I didn't know anyone was offering anything like that with the exception of Deere. I don't know if it's a Gravely thing or a dealer thing, but he called it the "Cap Program."

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