Gravely Pro turn 100 series (52in deck with 23HP Kohler EFI)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by smallstripesnc, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a gravely pro turn 100 series with a 52in deck and 23hp Kohler EFI. I wanted a diesel at first but can't justify spending $11,000 or more on one when I can get as good fuel savings with the Kohler EFI.

    I can get this mower for around $7500 out the door and can get the Pro turn 52in with 29HP Kohler EFI for $8500. The only difference is 6HP and the 100 series has a ZT3400 transaxle setup and the 200 series has the ZT5400 set up.

    Which would you go for? and is the Kohler EFI's actually worth it? I know they are better on fuel than a carb set up and have heard really good things about them.
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    skip the can buy an extra gas engine to replace yours when it dies for the extra cost of the diesel.

    the 100 series is a good commercial unit, but the 200 series is a lot bigger...thicker...and better built. there are a lot of differences between the 200's and 100's besides just the tranny. sit on them both...100's are enough for some guys...i wanted 200.

    the EFI's are pricey but they do save you some on gas. that being said i love my kawi 23hp on my 252...burns about a gallon an hour.

    between the 252 with a 29hp kohler vs a 152 with a 23hp kohler and for only a grand more you can get the 252 with 6 more hp? brainer for me....spend the extra grand.

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