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    I think the 27hp will do fine thats not going to stop me from buying this mower. I was very impressed with this new Gravely.:usflag:
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    I was thinking of buying a Pro Turn 260 with the KAW 31. I didn't know how it would do in wet grass though. I owned a 152z with the KAW 23 and it cut ok but it was pretty terrible bagging wet grass. It was nice for leaves though. The dealer wants 8g for it 8500 out the door after tax. Which is literally 2-3 grand less than comparable exmarks or scags.
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    I like this Gravely the best of the Gravely line, but Im surprised nobody is saying anything negative about those plastic hydro tanks. BadBoy used them first and everyone made negative comments about them.

    I also like the solid deck hangers , another good idea by BB that was copied and improved by Gravely. Looks like Gravely has built a nice mower. Wish i could demo one someday.
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    I noticed and was turned off by the plastic tanks. I didn't have anything to compare it to and didn't know if this was normal on other brands as well. I did see them on BB and was also turned off by them. Being around Hustler so long with there big hydro system makes it look very cheap. I guess you need to be able to see the level. You'd think a aluminum finned tank with a sight glass would be the way to go unless this acts solely as a reservoir to hold fluid and hot fluid is not circulating back through it which I'm guessing is the case.

    Can anyone tell me if there is one or more filters in the hydro system of the 400?
  5. MJB

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    Actually the plastic tanks work great if placed away from any major heat source like BB did on the Outlaws. Also its good to have separate tanks for each side in case of a failure. Time will tell on the Gravely as it is in a more confined area.
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  6. GMLC

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    Two hydro filters I believe and remote hydro tanks are reservoirs that help with cooling.
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    The plastic Tanks shouldn't have but 1/2 inch of hyd oil in them. They are just for maintaining the proper oil level. The cooling fins on each unit do most of the cooling. Doesn't the Gravely use the Hydro Gear 5400 transaxles like the Outlaw?
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    I will fill you guys in on the X-Factor deck.

    1. Provides a nice smooth manicured cut
    2. The first year or two it will stay spotless clean then over time as the paint wears off and it will get buildup under the deck
    3. During the time the deck stays clean it wont clump much in wet conditions but as that paint wears off the clumps will begin
    4. The discharge leaves a bit to be desired. It kind of directs the grass down and out instead of straight out and you will find in heavy growth periods it will leave strips of debris just out the side of the discharge from it throwing the grass down and out instead of straight out

    I like the X-Factor deck and have been using ours daily since 2008 but I wish gravely could tweak the deck a little to make it throw the grass straight out like an exmark or 7 Iron does. It forces you to raise the deck and make a second pass in thick conditions to clean up the debris.

    That air seat scares me to be honest. I can only imagine the cost to replace it. Both of our gravely zero turns have standard seats and neither one of them lasted more than 3 years before they started falling apart and they want almost $300 for a standard seat. God help you if you need to replace that air ride seat.

    Also for some reason they seem to have an issue with the idler pulley bearings on the deck. Our 34Z has gone through 2 in 2000 hours and our 160Z has had one replaced last year at about the 1200 hour mark. Never had one fail on any other mower before.

    I do like gravely a lot but I also feel certain things need to be improved. I do not like how our 160Z turns (or the 34Z but that is to be expected out of such a narrow ztr). It always feels like it is dragging one tire even on concrete and tends to tear up lawns. The downhill traction is non existent. The Z925A I demoed last year turned on a dime and did not tear lawns up. It also threw grass out (way out!) and left a nice cut. That may be my next mower purchase.

    Almost forgot. We have a couple gravely dealers but none of them are REAL close like the exmark, bobcat, kkubota etc etc dealers are. Also I can call looking for a part and they almost never have it. They always have to order it and pay for overnight shipping plus they always want MSRP for every part.

  9. mtmower

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    Thanks for the honest evaluation. That's the second time I've read about the discharge shooting the clippings down. The clumping and poor discharge is sounding discouraging. This is the big ? on this particular mower more than anything. Every mower QOC and collection of grass under the deck will suffer at least some once the paint wears off the deck. I'm afraid some deck designs may have a more negative impact once the paint is gone than others. Everything else about 400 looks good, on paper anyway.
  10. mtmower

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    Wow the seat on your 34z does look finished! Is the back broken?

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