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    I'll be very suprised if you don't love them, They are awesome at chopping the clippings down to very small pieces. When I look at the clippings that get blown out onto the pavement someplace, the pieces are about the same size as when I use the mulch kit.
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    They do very good! I am uploading some videos I took of me mowing my lawn to youtube right now.
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    Here are the bagger pics.





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    Here are some properties I mowed today. Traction is not an issue with the 400 series. Also we had a hard rain last night so the grass was wet.








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    Looks very nice.

    Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures. So it looks like the rear bumper is unbolted and the catcher frame is bolted on in place of the rear bumper? How much time and how many bolts to switch it out? Are the bags perforated? Looks like they're made out of a solid nylon with no holes. My Hustler's are mesh on three sides and the side towards the machine is solid for air flow.

    Husky's system on the PZ has to be the slickest and easiest of any I've seen. You install two large pins in the frame at the back bottom and two smaller pins up higher. Orig bumper and all stays in place and it just attaches and detaches from the four pins. And the pins are all that are left on the mower when the catcher is not on.
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    Yes rear bumper had to come off. The bags are only solid on one side. I have not taken it off yet. Ill let you know when I do.
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    Two videos I shot today on my own lawn. X-Factor with the G6 blades. Dont know why the first video did not come up in HD. First shows the machine cutting and second shows the results. Video quality is not the best because I shot it with my DSLR and not a camcorder.
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    Very cool! Thanks for the vids.
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    I am from NH also and I have a few questions for you if you dont mind. I am really interested in purchasing the Gravely 460, which dealers would you recommend around here? I have narrowed my search down to an exmark x series and the gravely. Problem is, I havent found somewhere to demo the Gravely. I have an exmark right now, and I am very happy with the cut quality, how do you think the gravely compares to the exmark cut quality?

    When you talk about the fleet discount, what qualifies someone for that?

    GREAT thread by the way, very informative and this thread is what turned me in the direction of the gravely.
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    I bought mine through J&K Outdoor Power Equipment in Goffstown NH. Great people! The Gravely IMO has just as good or even a better cut in dry conditions and much better in wet conditions than Exmark. The fleet discount is 20% off when you buy at least $12000.00 in Gravely equipment.

    You should have a PM from me with some contact info.

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