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    I wonder if that applies to previous purchases? We have 3 gravely mowers currently and had a pro-50 walkbehind years ago so obviously we are way over the $12K mark spent on gravely equipment. If I can get 20% off a new 460 I may consider going gravely again. But the deere dealer has really impressed me with the loaner program, high parts inventory and roadside pickup and loaner delivery. Dont even need to take the broken mower to the dealer, they come to you with the loaner and pick up your broken machine.

    It is something I will have to think about.
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    Gravely Fleet Program

    Program Terms: Customer must purchase a minimum of $10,000 of Gravely branded products on a single invoice from the dealer. Any dealer fees or taxes do not count toward the purchase minimum. Purchase must be from a single user and P.O.#. No combination of companies allowed. Purchase must be delivered and invoiced at one time. All subsequent reorders for new Gravely equipment purchased in 2012, regardless of dollar value, are eligible for Fleet Assistance if delivered by December 31, 2012. Pricing subject to change. Contact your local Gravely dealer for current program details.

    taken from here:

    My dealer also told me last spring when I used this program that I still had to be over 10k after the 20% was taken off.
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    No it does not. Only new ones, but if you buy a 460 now then decide in 6 mos. you want a WB or stander then discount would still apply. As long as it's before the end of year.
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    I was given different information from my dealer, Gravely rep, and Gravely regional manager. They're telling me $12,500.00 is the number that must be met. Once you meet this number of $12,500, any Gravely product including maintenance parts is 20% of for a window of 12 months from the original fleet discount purchase and subsequent items do not have to be on one receipt but as many as needed within that 12 month period.

    watsmi57, I hope the info I was given is correct and you are wrong because I'm about to pull the trigger on a 460 and have another mower up for sale to possibly purchase another 460 within that 12 month window.

    I just fired off and email to the regional rep to get clarification hopefully. I'll let you know.
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    I was told I get 20 percent off for the next 12 months. Maybe it is 12500 I thought it was 12000. Either way I qualified with the 452 and bagger. There is a thread about it in the Gravely section of this site.
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    The Gravely gods have blessed me again!! Another opportunity I cant pass up. More details next week but here is a hint....prototype...





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    sounds like they have changed the program but have not updated the website. Gravely posted the very same link that I gave you for fleet information about a month ago.

    let us know what the higher ups have to say. my dealer had never even heard of this program when i used it last year. Another dealer that I got a quote from thought I was crazy asking about it. They had never heard of it either.

    yes as long as you meet the initial amount. everything else you get from them that year will also be 20% off no matter how many different invoices you have.
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    what hp is that on the prostance a 20 hp or bigger? looks like a great mower ...
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    So are you gonna keep us in suspense as to what deck is mounted on the snowmobile proto:laugh:
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    Is that a new deck design? I can tell that its not an xfactor deck. I would think if they were coming out with a new deck it would come out first on a ZTR.

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