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    The site mentioned above:
    says at the bottom that all items must be on the same invoice and purchase by the same single buyer, which implies that a year's worth of stuff doesn't count. It also says 15% rather than 20. Maybe the policy is changing, but I've heard about four different versions of this today alone. When you get an authoritative answer, please let us know. I could possibly get to 10,000 before discount, but not 12,500 before discount.
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    GMLC I had the benefit of seeing this mower as well. It was that new to the rep even that while I was demoing the 460 on a large lawn he went down three houses to another smaller lawn I do and played on it himself. Must have had fun because when I got down there to finish it he'd mowed the whole thing. Looks like another great machine. I would have to wait till they made it in a 36" for gates till I could sell my walk behind and buy one.
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    I think you have to be looking at a minimum 12,500 worth of equipment(before tax) to get the discount. I was told by my dealer last season you have to still be over 10k after you get the 20% off to qualify for the program. So...

    12,500 x 20% = 2500

    12,500-2500 = 10,000

    mtmower I think the information you have been given is correct.

    GMLC what is that? A new stander design? Next year's model?
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    Ok here is the scoop.....I hope to have the new Gravely Pro-Stance 52" stander by mid next week. I'm free to put 100 hours on the machine and provide feedback to Gravely every 20 hours. This is a prototype and may not be the same when it is in official production. It does have a 22hp kawi and an unmarked deck that doesn't appear to be an x-factor. My dealer has no info at all on it and I don't think many people do at this point. I will be starting a new thread because of all the stander guys on lawnsite. I'm very excited to say the least!!!
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    Now we need a few more mower brands to do the same thing with their prototype Standers. Seems like Standers are growing in popularity around here too. I like what Gravely is doing. Hopefully they will send you many different blade options to test also on the new deck. Have fun. I know I enjoyed the 2012 BB Outlaw Prototype last year even though it took a little more time taking pics of the cut etc and testing blade combos that worked best in this area.
    The Standers look like fun. Take as many pics as you can and share.
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    The little I know is they feel confident they have made a better stander than Wright. I'm not a stander guy but from what I've read, Wright may be the bench mark to beat. They were talking twin pumps/motors, lower center of gravity then any other, hand and foot operated deck lift system, and some other nice features. It all sounded good even to a guy that likes a seat. It sure would beat a walk behind for my gated areas. So maybe some day.........:rolleyes:

    Defiantly check on some other blades. I did notice on the yard the rep cut with it had a little more clippings then the 460 left for me. By no means was it terrible. And this is a challenging yard for my Hustlers. I spend approx. 10-15 blowing clippings after cutting. Very healthy. I may have spent 2-3 min. so it was minor. The X Factor on a different yard was even better.
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    I am not a fan at all of the XR7 deck at least in my area. He may have cut the other lawn shorter than you do normally, leaving more clippings plus most reps don't know any of the tricks we use to hide the clippings, so my guess would be its a better deck than the xr7. But your older Hustler deck probably cuts better and stays cleaner than the xr7 also.
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    Yes on all accounts except for cutting height. I went over with him to talk to the widow that owns the house. I wanted to explain why there was a clean cut guy was cutting her lawn with a new shinny mower instead of ratty old me to put her mind at ease. He and I then discussed what height to cut it at and it looked right my naked eye when I saw it afterward. It's not to say the deck could have needed calibrated to the deck height control guage.

    Comparing anything to the XR7 is extreme, I know, and yea, the standard SZ deck did better with clippings then the XR7.

    I guess what I was trying to say was the 460 X Factor deck did a slightly nicer job with the clippings, and that the idea that you gave of trying different blades on it was possibly warranted. I wasn't running the stand on so I can't say if anything could have been done to change the final outcome.
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    Ok here's straight from my awesome Gravely rep Fred Joyner. I'm not quite sure what the
    flyer pricing is about. I'm a little confused on that. I hope this helps clear up questions.

    Actually, the Fleet discount is only in a “Calendar” year. So, once you make a purchase, and qualify, you can buy like an edger, or snow thrower or a power rake or another lawnmower, and it would qualify on the Fleet program, because of your original purchase.

    But, again, only in a Calendar year.

    The $12,500 is the suggested Retail or MSRP off a unit. You simply add up list price on products and take 20% off.

    Once the net invoice (after discount of 20%) is $10,000, the purchase is qualified.

    As I mentioned, the Flyer Pricing (newsprint handout) is about 10% off list. (This is a rough estimate, and does not include Turf products as the flyer uses a different matrix for Turf product, not all turf product qualifies for 10% off (like outsourced ).

    Do not take 20% off the newsprint flyer to determine the final fleet cost.

    Fleet is for serialized units and accessories.

    I am pretty sure it includes mulch kits, and accessories at time of purchase, but I do not believe that it includes service parts.

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    Anyone running the ribbed pneumatics on the front of a Gravely that can tell me the brand?

    Also curious if anyone is running a OCDC? Want to verify that it goes all the way closed entirely blocking off the chute and that it opens at least straight out if not even a little higher.

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