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    Thanks for the review, been at the gravely dealer today. Still haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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    I don't know if this is apples to apples, but there is another thread for Husqvarna Pzs that a LCO is complaining about the 31 on 75" pz.

    Procuts Lawn Care toward the end of the thread.
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    thank you for the great review and the great pics. That is one sweet looking machine. I have been waiting on my dealer to get some in so I can actually see one in person. This is the next best thing. I love my 252 but I think I might actually like a 452 even more.

    My experience with Gravely has been the same as you described. A great company that builds and backs up a great mower. It cuts well in all conditions and is WELL built from the ground up. You will love your new 452. Don't expect to be making a bunch of warranty claims either. They were telling the truth :)
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    I have owned 4 260z Gravelys and have been satisfied with alll four. Did you notice that grass stuck to the baffle on the discharge of the x factor deck? I am happy to see that they have made the front axle fixed as I always run my 260's in the locked position and have noticed stress cracks on the steel plate that the bolts threads into. The new seat looks great. I am going to trade two mowers this year and will looks at these but my heart is set on the Kubota.
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    I didn't notice any grass stuck under the deck. It stayed completely clean. I will update as I start cutting some wet lush grass up here.
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    Congrats on the new mower GMLC, I have to agree, you looked as happy as a kid at the county fair!

    For the best ride, drop the air pressure down (on all 4) to 8-10 lbs and the ride is even better, you (or the mower) won't be shaken near as much on rough ground. I run about 8-9 psi all the way around on my Lightning (which also uses the same tires as the Gravely).

    I have run the fronts as low as 6-7 psi but you have to watch about stopping fast, the mower will naturally dip in the front. I also feel like that's running a little too close to the point where the tire could separate from the rim....although it's never happened...but then again, most of my mowing is on flat ground.

    My son bought a 252 back in '08 and hasn't had any problems with it. Hope you have the same luck!
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    I had an transaxle replaced on mine with in the first 50 hours. My gravel dealer was all over the problem getting it resolved and it wasn't a failure but a parking brake issue. I never missed a day mowing they handed me the keys to another mower saying run this one keep on mowing
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    hows the air ride seat on that thing?
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    Very nice. It's fully adjustable to your weight. The seat also has lumbar controls and is rubber mounted. I felt little to no vibration and was able to fly over bumps.
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