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    I qualified for the fleet program already because the mower lists for $11,699. So these are the 20% discounted prices. The only thing not discounted are the accessories because he said those don't qualify for the fleet discount.

    That is why I'm scratching my head. Prices still seem a bit steep. Then I get a call telling me the price will go up $190 in a few days. I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants and make a decision in a hurry type of person. I like to do my research and then make an informed decision.

    It is a brand new mower, not a demo.

    I would love to never have to bag! I hate it. Wishful thinking someday when I can turn away accounts that insist on bagging. Just not that big yet.
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    ok i understand. was wondering why that EFI was so cheap lol...

    since you are spending that much money. have you looked at it this way? do you need another mower?

    for about that same price (after discount) you can get a Pro Turn 252 AND a 36" Hydro WB. then you have 2 mowers that can cut anything you throw at them.

    the Pro-turn 200's are GREAT mowers btw.
  3. Buddha92SLC

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    At this point, no I don't NEED another mower, but I've been expanding every year and I was maxed out with the 148 this year. I'm afraid that after I've tried the 400 I'm not going to want a 200 series.

    I was also looking at an 8x18 trailer to upgrade from my 6x10 and the financing was horrible. I'll be able to roll the trailer into the same financing which would be awesome. I'm going to try to get him down a bit more. Maybe I'll install the bagger system myself. I'm mechanically inclined so I should be able to handle it. It's just a bit higher than I expected with the promotion they are running.
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    Dollars look close to me.

    Gravely as a company has been awesome. They have worked with me more than any other company (other than maybe LT Rich) to fine tune and try different things to make it perform.

    DEMO the mower. I like mine pretty good. QOC is not good though in my type of grass. Tried everything. Different blades, baffles, pitch, even another mower. Not giving up though still working with it.

    DO NOT buy the OCDC IMO. Took mine back.

    The OCDC does install and remove fast so that wouldn't keep me from doing either. The OCDC is hard to use and jambs with grass. I ended up with a Power Chute. Going through motors on it but it does work pretty slick.
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    hello....I have read the entire thread. I live in east Tennessee. I only mow 6 or 7 yards in my neighborhood and they are a mix of different grasses, mostly just weeds! I mainly mow so that I can have a cool mower which my 2 1/2 year old son LOVES!! I currently have a scag wildcat 26 lc 52. I bought it new 2 seasons ago and I hate the stupid thing! It cuts "OK", but to say that I get a lot of blow out would be an understatement! When I get off the mower I am filthy! Its pretty bad! I have tried the adjustable baffle in every possiton to no avail! Took it to my dealer just 2 weeks ago and he readjusted the deck to "factory specifications" and the darn thing still blows out the front of the deck! So, I am selling it to a guy this weekend and I am going to buy another mower next week. I can't make up my mind...should I get the gravely 452 or the deere z920a? I am going to try and set up demos early next week, but neither gravely or deere have the exact machine I want to buy for demo, so I really don't know what to do. I guess my first question would there much/any blow out with the GPT 452 and how would you guys compare the 452 vs velocity plus vs 7iron? Ive got to get the right mower this time or my wife is gonna to divorce me!haha Thanks guys!
  6. Ridin' Green

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    Most parts of the country have been in drought conditions this year, and everyone is having either QOC issues, blowout issues, or both since the grass is so dry and limp. Before selling your mower you should try a set of lower lift blades. They create less of a dust storm, and in many cases they improve the QOC due to less turbulence under the deck in thinner grasses. I did on my Z950, and it made a huge difference in blowout and my QOC did improve.

    As for which deck is best, that's gonna net you a lot of opinionated answers. Everyone likes to defend the choice they made. I bought a 7 Iron (actually had a few now) because I knew how well they cut and discharge in any condition, so it was an easy choice for me. The Velocity + took first place last year here in a "best deck under all conditions" poll. Many here are reporting excellent results with their X factor decks, but a few have had a little trouble getting the cut they are needing. I was supposed to demo a gravely Pro-stance with the X factor deck today, but there was a snafu in the communications somehow, so it'll have to be next week sometime now.
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    Well, it has rained nearly 3 inches over the past couple of days. I got home from work this evening and mowed three yards and STILL I was filthy when I got off the mower...I was on it 1 hr. Ive tried every blade possible..low lift, high lift, G6, rotary mulchers, the scag factory blades. To me, the G6 and low lift don't have enough lift...too many straglers and too much double cutting! I think the scag blades work best here in east Tennessee as long as they are razor sharp! But, if there is a lot of growth between mowings, I have to double cut because it doesn't chop up the grass well enough for my liking. I have also had a lot of trouble with grass packing under the deck in damp grass/weeds.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    What height are you cutting at? I'm guessing at least 3.5" or higher? Try cutting at 3". It creates more vacume and less blowout. If you're having that much trouble with the V+ deck, you'll almost assuredly have it with the other two as well. In this weather, I get covered pretty good from my 7 Iron too.

    We are finally getting rain here now and then, with a couple hard multi inch rains thrown in, but it takes more than one or two rains to get the grass back to healthy, with strong/stiff blades, and now it's getting late enough in the year (at east here in the northern climes) that the grass isn't going to get as healthy as it should due to lack of sunlight.
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    Are you mulching with a mulchimg kit, or side discharging ? A mulching kit will cause some blowout the front of the deck.
  10. greengiant9963

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    I would definitely try a lower lift blade. In my opinion you have the best deck on the market right now. Regret Some days that I sold my turf tiger last season. I bought a Gravely 452 3 months ago. Smoothest and most comfortable mower I have ever been on. The cut is good in most conditions but choppy compared to my exmark and Deere on certain lawns.

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