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    Good for you brotha. Boy that's awful nice of them. Wonder if they have any extras laying around they need tested? (hint, hint, downward look, toe pivot in the sand):rolleyes:

    Anyway, get it on right away and let us know what it does. Haven't even installed my new bagger yet but was planning on it this season. I assume it will require a different blower for the bagger on the updated deck due to the different discharge opening size.

    Anyone running a JRCO dethatch rake yet on the 400 series. I'm told they now have a attachment kit for one and I may order one next week. I'm concerned how it bolts up with the weight tray set up on the Gravely. Need my weights when thatching for the bagger.
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    I guarantee that you've helped sell more machines for them than any of their literature bro. There are a ton of guys reading along that never post, but have gone out and bought one just because of all your reporting and pictures. It would cost them a lot of money to go mow and take pictures like you do. You have saved them all that cost and effort, and done it in various conditions too. You deserve everything they are doing for you.:drinkup:

    Gravely is the benchmark that all other companies should try to imitate, and that's coming from a lifelong Deere guy. If Deere corporate treated their customers as well as Gravely I might have a harder time leaving them when the time comes.
  3. GMLC

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    Mtmower, I hope Gravely can get you a new deck considering your conditions may very well be some of the reasons for the updates. My X-Factor has cut almost flawlessly and if it was my choice it would seem fair for you to get one too or take mine.
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    I agree with ridin. I mean you're pretty much the only reason I started to look at gravely
  5. GMLC

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    Thanks man! I really enjoy doing honest reviews and try to back everything with good pictures. I feel I have a unique background that allows my opinions to be "qualified" but in the end they are still my opinions/feelings. I hope everyone can read my reviews and look at the pics to help make thier own informed choices. Gravely has been very open in allowing me to do these without boundries. I would be happy to review any brand but Gravely approached me when others have not. But I'm open to honestly review any brand...hint...hint.
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    So you are saying that they are going to attach a new series 2 deck on your 452? Are they going to let you keep the deck upgrade or just let you run it for a few weeks and change over to your old deck? Did they say you could still use the bagging system with the new deck? With the larger discharge opening not sure it would fit.
  7. GMLC

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    Yes the new deck would be put on my 452. Its my understanding I would keep it. I will let you know if Im wrong. Im not sure if my bagging system will fit???
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    Is there a big difference between 260z and 452 gravely cut quality? wondering if anyone uses both? my dealer sold me a what i thought to be a what the dealer said was a couple years old (2 three years what he said) gravely 260z that was sitting in a crate. When he put it together this thing was a great looking machine and was loaded. susp seat, hyd deck lift.lights , he sold it to me for 6500.I recently called to get a part for mower and found out its a 2005 ( My mistake for not checking) . Ive used it for a year now and this machines cut is flawless ( better than my exmark lazer z's) and this dealer stopped selling gravely because he said the landscapers have been buying toros for 30 yrs there and gravely never took off. Im looking for another mower this year and now the nearest gravely dlr is 40 min away versus the other toro guy 5 minutes(old gravely dealer)away. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. johnnyusa

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    sorry meant 460 . John
  10. GMLC

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    If your 260 has the X-Factor deck it would cut the same as the 460. For 2013 the X-Factor has a bigger discharge opening and adjustable front skirt.

    In my opinion Gravely will be putting a good dent in the commercial market in the next few years. I bet your dealer will regret dropping them. Im surprised he didnt demo the toro and gravely's side by side to show the landscapers the cut quality.
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