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    Great! I think you will love the new deck. Let us know.
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    Here is the second small problem I have had with my 452. First was the hour meter went blank mid last season. Now the second is torn rubber isolated bushings for the seat. I noticed the seat was leaning back more than normal. My dealer has ordered 4 new ones. I think there is a bulletin out on the proper adjustment?

    All in all I have been more than happy with no major issues!!!


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    Ariens doesn't use traditional distributors so their sales reps have a lot of miles to cover when the orders start pouring in. I bet they'll add another rep for our area in the near future but right now they're probably racking up the miles on on the main rig.
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    Yup, I was told Gravely dealing direct with dealers saves us about $1000-$2000 on a ZTR.
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    I'll be looking at Gravely tomorrow.
    Thanks for all the reviews!
    All of my accounts are strickly maintained top to bottom myself. This includes irrigation set up,
    applications, seasonal overseeding, aeration etc..... and of course mowing.

    Coming from the South, I've always ran snapper with high end results. Since moving from TX to Minnesota, I've found the the conditions for maintenance of cool season grass like KBG are a different animal.
    The snapper still lays a great smooth cut and stripes very well if the lawn is dry. I've had numerous compliments and have even won a couple lawn of the month awards with that mower.

    I started out in the business in 1987, grew it to a decent 3 crew operation and used that snapper since 1995. I've had exmark lazers too, but the snapper always held up better in the spindles and has outlasted everything else I've owned, such as the toro mid sized walks and the exmarks ztr's.that had seized spindles ...

    maybe it's a fluke but the little 14 hp Kawi on that snapper still spins the BTS like new, and under thick lush growth will spin dual bladed spindles to boot. The snapper is a pro series 4 hydro 48" fixed deck. I've had the mower so long I have it tuned, leveled and spaced accordingly for a table top smooth cut that stripes very well.

    The only problem is now trying to go as fast but it throws clumps of KBG if it's moist. Even slowing down it will throw clumps if it's moist. So since I provide 100% service on all of my accounts, I will be looking at the 100XDZ series with a Kawi with post 20,000 serial number. Not worried of the deck height change location as that won't be used unless seasonal conditions warrant. All of my accounts are cut at the same height.

    All I can say at this point is the Gravely Xfactor II deck sounds right for the cool season grass
    I have to use it on.

    If I were still in TX, I wouldn't even consider another mower than my old Snapper.
  6. GMLC

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    There are a lot of guys here that love the 100 series. Get a good demo in and let us know what you think! The new deck can be fine tuned for your conditions. With wet or tall grass open up the baffles, when dry or short move the baffles down some. The 100 series is a small frame mower unlike the 200 and 400 series so you can get into tighter spots and will have a ton of deck overhang for trimming up close. I think you will like it. Either way please give us your opinion.
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    Just some updates. I was on vacation last week so my father and my employee took care of all my accounts. My dad has a very bad back and usually only likes standers. After a week of mowing on my 452 he was feeling great!!

    Also I have been changing my oil at 100 hour intervals with Amsoil small engine oil. It is still clean at 100 hours so I could go longer but I consider it cheep insurance. 100 hours is about once a month for me. The 24.5 kawi still has plenty of power for me and Im still around 1.23 GPH. I really want to try the Kohler EFI to see how it compares. My next mower will most likely be EFI.
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  8. GMLC

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    This is a video of the new X-Factor 2 deck on my 452. The larger discharge opening creates a nice fan shaped dispersal pattern. The adjustable front baffles allow for a wide range of adjustments for varying conditions.
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    GMLC. Where are you ordering your blades for your Gravely? I go through express mower part to order blades for my other mowers but they don't carry this blade in stock. Blade is oregon part # 00450300. Thanks.
  10. GMLC

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    I use the factory blades which I order online. But thanks for the Oregon # I may try it.

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