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  1. puppypaws

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    $60 bucks seems like a fair price, what is it, about 1/2 ac?
  2. StanWilhite

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    OH NO YOU DI-ENT !!!!!!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::drinkup:
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    It is between a half and 3\4 acre. We charge $30. Used to have the one across the street that is twice the size and charged $60. Lost that one to another crew doing it for $40.
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    Here, if that is just a mow/blow/go it would be $30 - maybe $40 in certain areas/subs. Add $10-15 for edging and a bit of trimming. This area is heavily saturated with lawn companies, and there are several new guys in the area that I have seen already, and we aren't even started here yet with cutting. The competition is stiff if you don't already have a set clientele base.

    Edit: I changed my numbers after looking more closely at the actual yard (vs the work those illegals did)
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  5. ProStreetCamaro

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    It is now, trim, edge curb and blow off.
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  7. puppypaws

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    That is a really low price, but this is all dictated by income base for clientele in a given area. For that price I'm guessing there is very little trimming and virtually nothing to mow around that would slow progress. From all I can see it appears to be about as easy a property to maintain as you will find, but then again the photo does not allow visualization of the entire property.

    I would be very pleased as a homeowner to have my lawn maintained that well for $30, and I must say, it does look very nice.
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  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    We were the highest bidder. He showed us two other quotes when we told him $30. One was $25 and one was $28. He liked how the lawn we did across the street looked and went with us. He asked if we could match the $28 and we said no. The trimming is pretty easy. 3 street signs, fire hydrant, couple small tree's, base of house and then edging along the street.

    This entire area is a pretty high dollar area. If he were to sell that house it would easily go for $600,000 in that location. We have one in Potomac md just went up for sale. About the same size house on 1/10th the property and they are asking $800,000.

    Terrible lawn. We only cut this bi weekly. Very little grass but it is absolutely loaded with crabgrass in the summer. They had us trim all the shrubs and mulch to get it ready for market. The beds go all the way around the house and the shrubs had not been trimmed in a couple years and were a mess. Also pressure washed the back of the house because it was covered in green due to never getting any sun. This one is $25 a cut.
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    wow that's unfortunate.. Luckily around here I don't know of anyone that mows houses for less than 25 bucks, and that house would be around 50-55. but then again maybe the picture is just making it look bigger than it really is
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    Put that machine on craigslist. Just sold!!!!! Now what to buy to compliment my 452??!!
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