Gravely pro turn 460 zt 5400

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Cuttin'ItCLoseLawnService, Aug 20, 2017.

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    Hello guys just had a question. I sent my gravely into my dealer the left side started grinding so the rebuilt the left side got it back from my dealer and the left side castle but came lose and broke the axle and needs a new hub. My dealer claims they didn't take the wheel or hub off and are blaming it on me but I just can't figure out how you rebuild the zt 5400 when it's still in the mower. Guess my question is have you ever heard of them getting rebuilt while its still in the mower. They are saying I have to pay for it. Just wanted to get your guys opinion. Thanks
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    Hello, Sorry to hear you're dealing with this. Typically the castle nut that holds the hub on doesn't just come loose. If you notice, it has a cotter key through the axle shaft and nut keeping it from loosening. I think the person who reassembled it didn't tighten it enough and now you are dealing with the damage it has caused. The repair shop is responsible for this. If they refuse to fix it, find a different shop to work on it. Let us know how you make out, George
  3. Cuttin'ItCLoseLawnService

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    Yea I know it just doesn't come loose. The shop will fix it but on my dime. They are saying the didn't take the castle nut off or touch it. The said they just split the cast open which i don't know how they did with it still in the mower.
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    In my not so humble opinion, the shop is feeding you a bunch of crap, period ! You should remove the unit, and flop it on the bench to rebuild it, I know I always do.
    Didn't take the wheel off ???? Bull !!!
    I have not worked on the ZT 5400, but have worked on several other ZT units.
    It would appear that technically, you could remove the axle shaft without messing with the hub/nut, as the axle has an inboard snap ring.
    I think the clowns removed the nut and or hub and just didn't tighten it back up. In fact, H-G recommends that ya always install a new hub if ya remove it.
    Seems awfully suspicious that it messed up after they worked on it.
    Do you have a copy of the bill, parts they used ?
    I would talk to the owner of the shop, Gravely, Hydro-Gear, etc.
    H-G service manual here:
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  5. Cuttin'ItCLoseLawnService

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    They didn't put a new hub on. I have the bill and no hub on the bill but the did put a fan and pulley on that wasnt even broke and anything wrong with it .Im done with this shop after this deal they had the mower for almost a month and I get it back for a week and its broke again. This is the second time the have worked on the mower and both time they had the mower a month and wouldn't give me a mower to use i had to get nasty with them and made them come pick the mower up and bring me a mower and they brought me a used mower. I have done alot of business with them and don't get treated worth a darn.

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