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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Erik1981, Jan 6, 2014.

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    I run a Kohler 28 efi on a 66" deck and a 35 Kawasaki on a 72" deck. Normal cutting conditions there will be no difference in mowing my dry southern grass other than the 72" has a faster ground speed.

    There is no engine manufactured that will crank and run better than a closed loop Kohler efi engine. I hate a choke after running an efi engine for going on 8 yrs., the engine will crank in two revolutions no matter if the temperature is 30° or 100°, whereas I must play with the choke to get the 35 smoothed out, and it is more cold natured. I cranked the Kohler efi one morning a few days back when it was 16°, it started turning slowly but once the engine revolved a couple times it started right up. Go attempt that with a carbureted Kawasaki and see how long it takes to get it running smoothly, whereas the efi was running perfectly in 5 seconds, believe me, this will spoil you, as will the fuel economy.

    Had I been able to get the big block fuel injected Kohler on my Super Z, I would not have considered a carbureted, or open loop fuel injected Kawasaki, would not have crossed my mind as to which I would purchase.

    The 35 will hold the rpms up; and in really no matter the conditions, but you will pay the fuel bill. I will say if you are in normal cutting conditions, no overgrowth or dampness, the Kohler will suit your needs pretty well, but if you are like me and hate to ever fall short on power for any reason, the 35 will suit you better.

    The real engine to own will be a closed loop fuel injected big block Vanguard, of which I am told should be ready by fall of this year.
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    Those Vanguards must really be awesome. I looked at a mower earlier on line & the same mower same dealer the 32 carbureted Briggs was more expensive than the 29 efi Koehler...
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    It has been for a very long time the mower with the Vanguard engine was cheaper, and by $500 + or - less than the name brand Kawasaki. Now that people are finding out just how good this engine truly is they are picking up a larger part of the market share, which in return shows in somewhat higher pricing.
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    Hey sorry I haven't been on in a while. The efi kohler does save quite a bit on fuel compared to the 31 kawi. There is a trade off in the power department and if you are a power freak then the efi may not be right for you. The reason I say this is because the 460 we had with the 31 kawi would cut straight up a steep bank in 1' tall grass and it wouldnt slow down a lick. The efi kohler will slow down some. It does not have quite the "balls" the 31 kawi had.

    BUT most of our lawns are not hilly and our lawns are weekly cuts so they dont ever get THAT deep so for us it is a non issue. We had serious backfire issues with our kawi when you start it and when you cut it off. It would also puff HUGE clouds of smoke once or twice a week when you start it and it consumed oil pretty fast. I started reading about the big block kawis failing around the 800 to 1200 hour mark coupled with the way our engine ran and our previous bad luck with other kawis I decided to trade it in with only 470 hours on it and get the kohler efi. I am VERY glad I did. It starts so easy, runs so smooth, uses less fuel, never backfires, never puffs any smoke and does not consume a drop of oil. BUT it doesn't have quite the power the 31 kawi did. I wouldn't dare try to run a rear bagger on it. Doesn't have enough power for that. It has been the best decision we have ever made getting rid of the kawi and going with the closed loop kohler efi. I really love it that much. Anything over the 31hp kawi is wayyyyyyy overkill on the 460. I mean big time waste of gas overkill.

    So if you want or need tons of power go with the kawi. If your lawns are manicured weekly and you are not in a super hilly area go with the efi kohler.
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    Do you mean the Kohler EFI doesn't have enough power to use the bagger?
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    Lets just say I wouldn't try it especially if you cut any hills.

    Here is a video of my machine right after I bought it. It takes about 200 hours to get the engine and hydros broken in good. Once they are the power picks up some. Notice how loud the hydros are in this video. They are no longer loud like that after they broke in. Also the rpm's were set almosr 200rpm to low and I adjusted that and that helped with the power also. But in this video it was with the rpm's being 200 less than it should have been. Listen close and you can hear the rpm's drop every so slightly. With it broken in and the rpm's set correctly it will only drop a little now and only on very steep hills. Couple that with a bagger and I think you would be strggling pretty bad on hills or super deep grass. The 31 kawi never dropped at all for any reason.

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