Gravely promaster 30-H

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by MikeKle, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I have a mid 90's Gravely Promaster 30-H outfront(similar to PM460)for sale mostly for parts, Mower and engine have 2300 hrs. engine was rebuilt in 2007,needs water pump repaired(small coolant leak from weep hole).Hydraulic tranny needs rebuilt.All sheet metal and body parts in good shape Have 6 brand new donaldson type air filters that were bought for this mower.Forgot to mention the engine is a Yanmar 3cyl. liquid cooled diesel( 30hp).wheels and tires in good shape. has 72" deck with new blades.Have many parts for this mower.
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    We have a 30 H. Bad trans-axle case - broken. PTO clutch is junk. Engine and the rest are in very good condition.

    Perhaps your mower could be used for repair of our machine. Or, ours to repair yours?

    Gene Haines 585-747-3278

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