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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green King, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Green King

    Green King LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    As many of you know I have been looking into buying three maybe four 72" diesel ztr mowers. I ran into a gravely rep, who I am not sure how to take him. He asked me what I had been looking at and I told him. Then he tells me that Dixie Chopper and Bladerunner have no liabilty insurance and they do not meet blade safety standards, also they run faster than osha requirments. He also said that no mower was durable except for gravely and all the other machines were a copy of his "SUPERIOR MOWING MACHINE" I watched him demo the machine doing some nice wheel stands with it but I really did not see anything that impressed me about the machine or him. Is there any truth to what he was saying about the safety issues or insurance or about his machine?
  2. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,501

    Can't comment on Bladerunner.

    But have been told by extremely reliable sources that DC exceeds OSHA standards in tip speed and db. Also, they are self-insured, which to me, raises an eyebrow.
  3. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,501


    Take it FWIW when someone tells you their machine is superior over everyone else's. Guarantee you, there are flaws they are covering up.

    just my 2 cents.

  4. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 13,497

    On e word would cancel this guy right out.

  5. Green King

    Green King LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    Thank You rodfather I did not know that about Dixie. I think I am going to ask the Bladerunner guys on there manufacture forum the same question about product liabilty insurance. Also I am going to ask about the blade speed issue! I have not really seen any gravelys around so I just do not know what to think about them.
  6. Green King

    Green King LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539


    I told him that I had looked at exmark and he just started in on the dixie and the bladerunner mowers. Exmark I think probably builds just as good a mower as anyone does but they just are'nt popular here. Now I also realize that the Bladerunner is probably not popular were you are, also judgeing by some of the emails I have recieved Dixie is not popular in some area's in the country either. This is one thing about this web site that is really cool, because you get to read about peoples experiences with all the brands. I have basically got my mind made up and it is going to be decided by the dealer with service!
  7. Mowingman

    Mowingman LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 4,717

    There are no OSHA standards for mowers. However, there are standards the industry has developed to try to produce a safe product, avoid safety related lawsuits, and prevent Govt. interference with their products. These are ANSI standards, I think they are called. Compliance is voluntary, and DC does not meet the standards for blade tip speed, and ability to stop the blades within a few seconds. So, the rep. is right to some extent. I do not know about Bladerunner compliance.:)
  8. Green King

    Green King LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 539

    Thank You mowingman! I just posted this question on the bladerunner forum but it is a saturday night so I will probably have to wait until monday to get my answer. Now does anyone have on opinion on the gravely mower vs. Dixie Bladerunner Exmark etc. Is it a good machine or is this guy just CRAZY?:confused:
  9. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,144

    I am not terribly fond of Gravely riders or Dixie choppers. I have never owed a Gravely ZTR but have owed there out front deck 3 wheel rider 60 inch. I currently own a 2002 DC.

    The gravely rider I owned was a well build machine and had a nice ride...the quality of cut was terrible though. Alot of clumping and alot of triple cutting. I did demo the Gravely ZTR when it came time for a new machine and was not impressed at all. The cut was better but still not up to my standards. The quality of ride I thought was terrible, very Jerky unsmooth machine.

    My 02 Dc probly has the best quality of cut of any mower ive ever used or owned. Very smooth cut, no clumping and awsome stripes. My huge problem with this machine is its inabilty to hold even the slightest of hills comfortably........Hills that my toro always held safly with ease. The weight it not balanced right in my apinion and the machine has very poor traction with leads to alot of ruts on hill that it will hold and alot of tire spinning where it was never a problem with my other riders.

    I would stay away from this machine unless you cut only completly flat ground...thats where DC's shine.

    If money were no issue to me right now that DC would be sold and would be replaced by a new Hustler Super Z. I have run that machine on several occations and im am thoroughly impressed with everything about it.
  10. crazygator

    crazygator LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,048

    I too have a 2002 DC that will be sold soon (I hope). I too have had the same problems as Evan stated about hills. Me and Evan did post some things on the DC forum, and they have not answered us directly about these problems at all. Only putting some blanket statement, not adressing our issues. Plus they wait only until I start a thread over here about my problems and their lack of customer service to put the pathetic statement.....which was around 2 months sitting there with no answer from the DC boys. Oh and get this, they tell my dealer they have sent 2 or 3 email's to me directly and I would not respond. Please stop with the kiddie games DC. Grow up and act responsible with these matters. By sweeping it under the rug they are letting a small problem grow into something that will hurt their business big time, and from the way things sound really soon too!

    So I am not happy with the DC either and would advise to stay away, far away. They obviously have some big problems there and show no need to offer customer service.

    I will be getting an Exmark for next season, the Lazer HP 52" with 23HP Kawasaki. I demo'd on places the Dixie would skid or slide out and the Exmark stuck like glue. It would even stop and reverse....something the Dixie could not do due to sliding down the slope. Plus I tried the Exmark in places I would have never even thought of with the DC and the Exmark stuck again like glue. Customer support is more than awesome.

    So I would encourage you to demo and look at the Exmark stuff. If you have no dealer close email them or post it over on their forum here at LS and they will help you right out. If they dont email me and I will get the right contact for you to help you out.

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