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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mitw44, Mar 20, 2009.

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    I am looking for an online source for blades for my 3 mowers:

    Ariens Commercial 21" model # 911207 blade # 01137000

    Gravel 32" walkbehind model # 988118 - GR1332FXP blade # 04919100

    Gravely 48" ZTR model # 991027 - 21 hp PM148M XDZ blade # 00450200

    I have looked at the sites mentioned here, and I have not yet found a site that lists blades for all 3 mowers.

    I am looking for high quality blades at a reasonable price. It would be great if I could mail the used blades back for resharpening.

    I live about 50 miles from Tulsa. There are no Gravely dealers where I live, and the one I used to use, Bailey's in Owasso, was bought out by John Deere, and no longer handles Gravely. There is one or two other shops in Tulsa, but I am not familiar with them.

    For me, I am looking for convienence, and the mail would make it easy. I am not a great blade sharpener, and don't do enough volume to make a dedicated sharpener pay for itself. Again, the mail would make it convienent.

    Any ideas? Anyone on Lawnsite that owns a Gravely dealership that could help me out?

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    Mit, I have a Gravely ZT 2148 and had the same problem, I was wanting both a mulching blade and also a high lift and could not find squat anywere. I took the old high lift blades off and went to my local Echo dealer I use, ( they also sell exmarks and toros) and asked them if they had a blade that was high lift and mulching, they cross referenced the size and got me exactly what I needed, so long story short, put the exmark blades on it depending on what you are looking for. Jeff
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    Smith Distributing in OKC

    ask for a "Stens" catalog

    set up an account with a credit card account,
    they bill your credit card and deliver it straight to your door via UPS for $8-15 per shipment
    order over $200 free delivery

    all your maintenance are in the catalog: blades, air filters, oil filters, belts, bearings, pumps.....all about 40-50% off

    looking in the catalog
    21" mower mulch blade - $7.71
    32" mulch blades- $8.75 - $12.01 each
    48" couldn't find it, but assuming ...3 @ 16 1/2" - $7-12 each

    I get a lot of my stuff from this place for all my mowers.
    I just ordered some brass bushings for my velke this morning.

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