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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by slipping wrench, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Hello all, I am in need of help of the proceedure for replacing spindles on my Gravely ZT 2050 mower Mower is a zeroturn 50 inch deck.The spindles are of the sealed type with no grease fitting...The problem I have is the correct proceedure for replacing the pulleys on the new spindles without damaging them.I finally had to cut the old pulleys off as no amount of force with liquid wrench would even slightly move the pulleys. They were rusted in place.I would like for someone to explain replacing and installing the pulley and square locking key...I would like to be able to get the pulleys off in the future without the serious surgery I had to perform to remove them.......Thanks in advance for any help with this....Slipping wrench....
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    Try using a puller or a gear puller. Any auto store will know what your wanting.
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    ahhh the famous gravely design. Put the spindle in from the bottom and pulley on top with no anti-seize!!!! No way to remove spindle with out removing pulley. I have seen many of them that no amount of heat puller cussing or sweat or dynamite could remove. Nothing shy of the cuttin torch would remove them.. So want to make it easier next time?? Use ant-seize, should come off pretty easy next time. Gravely is also famous for clutches that lock up and seize to the shaft, and then the pulleys on the cranks love to seize up and must be ground off when needing into the motor.. Think a spindle is bad, try a clutch locked up and trying to beat it off with the motor still attached.. So use anti-seize... and even on the new generation sealed spindles that go in from the top, the pulleys still seize on tight..

    later!! chris
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    Hello snapper,You are right about the pulley not responding to anything short of a nuclear explosion to remove.I had to cut two off with a recip saw about 40 min each .Quite a deal to do.My thinking is that the so called engineers at Gravely need to think more about user frinedly design and not trying to sell all the parts they can.It is clear to me that the spindle design is for Gravely and not the end user .It is one heck of a deal to change one of their spindles.Also They need to put grease fittings on their spindles as well.When they say maintenance free they mean you are going to buy a new spindle on their schedule.Thanks for your help.....slipping wrench.......

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