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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Alohaalexi, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Alohaalexi

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    Before I start, let me state I am not accusing anyone of anything regardless of the content of the following paragraphs. I hope my suspicions are the result of my paranoid nature so bear with a nut;)

    How do I find out if a Gravely is stolen? I am beginning to suspect it may be since the former owners' story changed when I went to pick it up and I couldn't find the serial number plates (frame and engine...found two spots where it appears stickers were peeled of and it is still spot has the words void under/in the adhesive backing) and it is a steal of a deal if it is on the up and up.

    Come to think of it, the guy was also trying to sell a backpack blower but ripped out the starter cord trying to get it ready to show then said it had bad gas but initially told me it was like new. By the way, this same guy beat up the mower (the discharge chute is bent and unusable without some real heavy hammering...I can make it work, just got to wait til the neighbors are at work before going to town and the mower looks like it was never really taken cared of...grass clippings in every nook and cranny and never cleaned out, generally looks to have been abused...if I owned a lawn business, I think I'd take care of the equipment I am relying upon to make a living).

    He said he decided to get out of the lawn business and that was why he was selling the mower. Of course, the wife had said it was her deceased father's when I initially inquired about the mower's availability.

    I'm not one to make accusations but I'd want to have my equipment back and provide the person who stole it a close and personal tour of the inside of the lock-up if said person stole my livelihood.

    If it's legit, then I got a steal of a deal. If not, then its time to find the owner (not sure how to find it unless I am allowed access to all the police blotters in a given area with an imbedded search function) and introduce him to the former owner of a lawn business.
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    First of all,...and very basically,...if you have any question or doubt, just walk away - no matter HOW good the deal seems. Whether it be be too good to be true, a bit too high for the condition, or some well disguised medium somewhere in between.I don't care WHAT a mower has been through...whether it is beat up, run hard, or whatever...there is absolutely NO reason for the serial number tag to be removed. Will someone else end up buying it? Probably so...But let THEM worry about it. There are too many legit machines out there - and with good deals to be had.
  3. Yater

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    Possession of stolen property is a crime. You should have recognized the red flags and called the cops. Report the stuff and take the hit and/or turn the theif in.
  4. unkownfl

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    get it in Clermont?
  5. rotti1968

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    Ill do a little checking on monday we are a gravley dealer. Ill give them a call and see if the serial # is located anywhere else on the mower. Also what motor is on it some engines have the serial in many locations .
  6. farmboy1285

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    Sounds kinda off to me, Id say just walk away, its not worth getting caught up in the law. How did you come across the machine?

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