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    Hey everyone, I bought a new truck loader this year and thought I should let you guys know how its working out. It is the Gravely loader with a 20.5hp suburu/robin engine electric start with the 10" wide intake hose. This is my 3rd year doing leaves and I've had a billygoat with a 18hp vangaurd recoil start the past 2 years also with a 10" intake hose.

    First there were several reasons I wanted to buy something new after using the billy goat. 1 the angle of the discharge chute is really sharp so wet debri clogs more easily. Then when it does you have to break tools out to undo the four bolts to take the discharge shoot off and un clog it. 2nd is the intake hose doesn't fasten that securely to the machine so it would come off easily if we ever stretched to far or kicked the hose to loosen a clog. Another bad things about that was the hose would turn around the frame of the machine and end up slightly twisted which caused more clogging. 3rd was the recoil was hard to pull, which meant we broke the recoil rope a few times which is always a pain in the butt when your in the field.

    Gravely's answer was pretty good. This machine for one has an electric start so recoil issues are gone, and offers slightly more power, not a huge diff in power. The discharge chute is curved similar to Little Wonder and it rotates 360 degrees by just moving a pin. The hose is fastened to a plate with screws and a ring, pretty much permanently fixed, and the plate fastens to the machine with four hand-tightened knobs. It eliminates twisting of the hose or the hose being pulled off the machine.

    As far as clogging and intake power, really cant tell much difference between the two when both are running well.

    I was worried the gravely wouldn't shred as well since it doesnt have billy goats piranha blade or the Little Wonder's talon ring. I was pleasantly surprised to see it does every bit as good a job, if not better than the billy goat did. The impeller does have serrated edges.

    all in all I am very happy, much easier to use and much less hassle.

    Just a side note, I also bought a Gravely walk behind blower, unfortunately they have not caught up to billy goat or little wonder here. Plently of power but no way to aim the wind coming out without walking to the front of the machine and moving the metal plate that extends a few inches over the discharge chute. Really impractical. I already bought a billy goat with the 13hp honda and am really happy with it, awesome machine. Feel free to make an offer on the gravely walk behind blower if you want, its gonna be my loss. pd $1150 out the door, 9hp suburu, barely used.

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