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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Matt'slawncare, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Matt'slawncare

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    I am looking to trade in my mower for a new one. Im looking at a Gravely PM 260Z or a Exmark Lazer Z both w/ 60" deck. I would like to pros and cons of both of these. I own a '01 PM 260Z right now and that is a great mower if is flat but i mow a lot of rough ground so you are bouncing all over the place. How well does the Exmark handle when your on rough ground? Also does anyone know what the blade tip speed is of a PM 260Z?
  2. John Gamba

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    Demo A Lazer Is the Best way to Fined out. But One thing Is You Will like the Foot Deck Lift Better then What You Have Now.
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    If you decide to go exmark spend a little more and go with the 27 horse motor, the 23 horse is good but doesn't quite make it when the going gets tough, you have to run a little slower than I would prefer.
  4. yardboyltd

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    Are you saying hte foot deck lift is preferable to the hydraulic deck lift on the Gravely Promaster..? Personally I bougth the Promaster because I find Gravely was the best bang for the buck after demoing about all the brands.. It really just came down to better dealer price. My gravely is a workhorse though.. No repairs yet, just a belt. I really admire gravely.. You can find their engineers on getting feedback on ideas and working with personell in the industry. Just look at their new WB, I want one SO bad.
  5. bob

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    According to the Gravely brochue, an 03' 260 has a tip speed of 18,200. While shopping for a new 72" mower this year, I concidered Exmark and Gravely. I bought a Gravely 272z. Ground speed was faster. Held more fuel. Hydrolic deck lift. Head lights. 21" chute opening (never clogs). Lift master for changing blades. And most of all, a powerful 31hp turbo-diesel engine. I had several people (including LS members) email me and tell me that the 27hp diesel on the Exmark with the 72" deck, was under powered.
  6. Potchkins

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    any comment?
  7. John Gamba

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  8. Sam-Ohio

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    I hate this "compare one brand to another" cause it just leads to looking for any little nitch or item for each group of users to gripe about, and anything positive you can point to on one is naturally taken as a knock on the other machine.
    I would like to point out the good features I see about Gravely and not be seen as knocking Exmark or any other brands.

    1. If you were at Louisville, maybe you saw the electronic service minder Gravely is about to introduce. It's way more than just an "alarm clock" that says change my oil. It not only keeps track of and reminds you of all the scheduled service functions, but they are installing sensors to alarm on hot bearings or failing clutches you can anticipate a failure and catch it before you are down. It can keep track of time and speed and figure operator efficiency. It can be made to identify the driver and report on reckless or rough useage with an accelerometer [OK-which one of you guys busted the mower] will be ratted out by the mower. There is even a GPS so you know where they are, where they were, how long they were there, how many little side jobs they are pocketing on you etc. This thing is going to be a miracle for the companies that run several crews, cause you will know exactly where, what, and how well they they are doing it.

    2. Gravely has a 5 1/2 inch deep deck that mows and stripes as nice as anything out there [see how I didn't say better than Exmark] - but then Exmark, Toro, Scag, or Hustler don't have anything up on Gravely either in my opinion.

    3. The flat, straight mower belt path that Gravely, Hustler, and even Exmark HP uses is far better than the idler pulleys and twisted mower belt stuff that the Lazer, Toro, Keys etc all use. The waisted power, belt wear and breakage, idler maintenance and all - there is just no comparison to the simplicity and efficiency of the straight belt drive of the Exmark HP and the Gravely machines.

    4. Gravely has a 14 mph ground speed, and to help you stand it, they also have a suspention seat [standard] and they have a pivoting front axel to take out some of the shocks and jolts, and their front wheels are as big or bigger diameter as any in the industry.

    5. Gravely has a built in front hydraulic jack system - really helps with blade removal.

    6. Gravely has cast iron blade spindles that are as strong as Toro's - and both are much stronger than Exmarks spindles.

    7. Gravely hydro control handles are adjustable for height, and angle, and tilt - If you can't make them comfortable for you , nothing will fit you. The floor pan is extra long and floor board is tipped back like your car or truck, makes even a very tall operator very comfortable all day.

    8. Has a steel hood over the engine that knocks out much engine noise and some heat for the driver.

    9. Offers an optional power rotary broom, dozer snow blade, snowblower, or air blower for leaves.

    All together, I think Gravely offers as much or more features, and performance as any machine out there today, and at very competative pricing - It deserves to be among the top machines you would at least consider for your business.
  9. craglawnmanor

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    I went to the Louisville EXPO this year, and was Very impressed with everyone I met at the Gravely/Ariens indoor and outdoor sites. I even got to talk to the person (Corey B.) that developed the electronic service minder (The Eye-Q ??). I was already interested in the Gravely mowers (probably the 148Z or the 152Z for me).
    Out of the 6 or 7 brands I demoed (including Toro and Exmark), the Gravely ztr's were the most comfortable, had the most features, and seemed like the best "bang for the buck".
    The abscence of Scag mowers was a disappointment, because they WERE on my short list for a ztr. I don't understand why they didn't show.
    Anyway, I intend to go Gravely for my next ZTR.
  10. craglawnmanor

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    By the way, Sam, I have an equipment question I'd like to ask you offline- If you read this, please e-mail me at .


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