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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grave_Digger, Jun 17, 2007.

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    Hi guys sorry if this has been posted before i tried to look thru prev post before posting.

    I am sexton of a 40 acre cemetery and currently use a 2003 gravely 260 monster z and a 2001 260z. I have used gravely for the last 15 years and have been ver y satisfied with performance and maintance etc. I have looked at scag kubota john deer exmark etc. and have never seen any i acutally wanted to demo.

    Well this just changed I have a new dealer as my old went out of buisness and he carries hustlers as well as gravley. So the super Z xr7 caught my eye and ralph gave me a good product speel and I asked him to demo one in my cemetery. all I can say is wow! I am seriously considering buying this hustler.

    My question is not which is better I know that verys with the person. what I would like to know is track records for maintance on the hustler. now let me tell you I take very good care of my stuff. I cahnge oil and filter at 25 hrs which is 1/2 the recomended time every time. my pop off valve for air cleaner has never moved because I replacce regular. in 15 years with gravley I have had no real down time. I buy new mower every 5 years and give mine to another dept so my original pro master 300 is still in use at the street dept today. If I keep to my strict preventive maintance schedule can i expect the same performance out of the huslter?

    Thank you in advance for any input you may be able to give me:drinkup:

    A grave digger will be the last person in the world to "let you down"
  2. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    As i feel with any Equipment ,as you probably already know you take of it ,it will take care of you. Of course once in a while somone will get the lemon out of the bunch. But that happens with any product. Hustler is one of the Best Z.T.R Mowers ever made and probably thee most comfortable.
  3. Imow4u2

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    For the close quarters of a Cemetery I would reccomend the hustler Z with the 10 cc pumps.. Seems the super Z would be a waste in this setting..
  4. MOturkey

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    Not trying to steer you away from Hustler, they seem to be a great mower, but was just wondering if you have demoed one of the latest model Gravely's? Lots of changes since '03 with the new X-Factor deck, bigger hydros, wheel motors, and tires. I had an '02 and just bought a new '07. The new deck seems to really be an improvement. Stripes better than my old one, and so far seems to clog much less. I also like the flex-chute much better, and would especially so around grave markers.

    The suspension seat is much better also. On my old mower the seat had a tendency to bottom out, then stay there unless I pushed up with my legs and removed some of my weight. With the new mower, I can actually feel the seat working up and down as I mow.

    I also thought the mower sounded different through my earplugs, and my wife told me it is much quieter than the older one. Why, I don't have a clue, unless it is the deck design.

    Anyhow, hope you are happy with whatever make and model you choose.
  5. Grave_Digger

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    I do plan to demo 07 gravely 260 also but I pretty much know what to expect from them on sturdiness and reliability

    I may be wrong on my year model because my newer gravely has the wider wheel package, deluxe seat and 13 mph ground speed, or maybe it has been redone again since I bought it, but does not have x factor deck.
    It is a 27 hp Kohler and the demo hustler is 25 hp Kawasaki. are there any thoughts about the differences in engines. I have always went with Kohler but my dealer says the 25 Kawasaki does just as well because of higher torque.
    I do not buy water cooled because my barn is not heated and I found out the hard way with old international belly mower that anti freeze testers are not always accurate lol.

    I know the super z sounds like a lot in a cemetery but about 1/2 of it is either "fields" with no stones or the blocks with stones are all in one row or flat so I can make up a lot of ground. It takes me and one other 2 1/2 days to mow complete cemetery right now, barring funerals and other interuptions, I hope to cut it closer to 2 when i buy new mower because his is the 10 mph model.

    The rubber chute is nice because the first thing I do is remove the metal one so i can fit into smaller spaces in the older sections where stones are set every where.

    I just bought the new style suspension seat for my older mower. $500 bucks but well worth it. my mower already had the newer style but I think we will put the new seat on my mower before we hand down Paul's to the sewer guys.

    Well thanks again for the input

    A grave digger will be the last person in the world to "let you down"
  6. johnwon

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    Hi; If you can find a leftover 2006 model Gravely you will get a better built machine than the 2007 models. If you have to buy a 2007 model then try to swing for the XDZ 260 due to the fact they are now using cheaper parts on the regular 260Z. If you have any questions about the 2006 models let me know because I still have the specs. on most of their models. Be sure to do a search on Hustler here on lawnsite to learn much more about them.

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