Gravely vs Scag vs Exmark

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kmeforou, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. kmeforou

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    Can someone out there give me some feedback on the Gravely. From what I have read, the Scag has mixed reviews. I am not sure of the Exmark, but it costs more than the Scag. I am looking for a 48 or smaller zero turn to compliment my Hustler 60. Thank you for any imput you may be able to provide. By the way, I will be cutting mostly bermuda.
  2. 65hoss

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    DEMO DEMO DEMO DEMO DEMO on your properties.

    The mulching of the eXmark mowers in Bermuda is second to none. I cut 90% bermuda here with the mulch kits installed on all my eXmarks.

    Hustler would be my 2nd choice. Good looking machines with a great track record also. Gravely is a nice machine.
  3. bob

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    I bought a Gravely 272z last year. Except for a few minor things I've had good luck with it. It runs circles around my Grasshoppers. I would definately buy another one. My dealer treats me like a king whenever I enter his store. Like 65Hoss said, demo!
  4. kmeforou

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    For the ones that responded, thank you for your imput.
  5. glenjr10

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    Take a look at the PM34Z, I don't know if that would be to small for you, but it would give you a completely different kind of mower. I have looked at them, but my situations is telling me that I would need the larger PM260z, because i already have a narrow w/b
  6. Sam-Ohio

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    I don't know Bermuda grass at all, but I know the Gravely deck is as good as it gets in fescue and blue grass.

    The Gravely decks are 5 1/2 inches deep, even the 34 inch to the 48 inch wide decks. When mulching, deep decks do it best !
    Gravely also has a factory double blade kit that can reduce clippings to dust !
    The Gravely decks have a strip of flexable belting on the rear edge that brushes the top of the mowed grass, and this causes all the mulched clippings to fall down into the lawn making it appear more like it had been vacuumed up. This brushing action also lays the grass over as though a comb had gone over the lawn and really enhances the stripe effect.

    You need to demo various brands to see what is really good for your local conditions, but I'll bet you can't find anything that will mow more perfectly than the Gravely can do, and if it's no better than a tie between two brands, then go with the dealer that has treated you so well.

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