Gravely Walk Behind Blowers

Ariens/Gravely bought out Parker about a couple years ago. They continue to produce the same units under the Parker name but they also change the paint and call them Gravely. No serious product improvements since the buy out or between the Parker/Gravely brands. Get a demo of the unit (especially versus competitors, preferably Billy Goat :) ) to let the products speak for themselves before handing over your hard earned money.


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Milwaukee, WI
I wish I could find a dealer in the Milwaukee area that stocked the Billy Goat blowers.
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Contrary to our competitor’s belief, significant improvements actually have been made to the Gravely/Parker blowers since Ariens Company acquired the Parker brand in 2010. The most important element to a blower, the fan, was completely redesigned to maximize output. According to our tests, we now match or exceed Billy Goat in terms of output (cfm/fpm). In addition, the Gravely units are all-steel constructed. They will take a beating unlike the plastic housings of our competitors. The Gravely units also beat the competition in price. Basically, you’re getting a better product at a lower price if you go with Gravely. We have several great dealers in Milwaukee who will be more than happy to let you demo a unit. Good luck!