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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Joey waid, May 19, 2013.

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    Well to start this is my first thread on this site so bare with me I am going to try and make this make sense.
    Any ways one month ago I traded in my Honda hrx217 and my new snapper piece of junk. For 2 gravely xd3's, I bought them with out knowing anything about them, one because their new, and two I could not find any reviews what so ever. What I did like at first glance was it was a gravely ( I love gravely and try to only buy gravely when I can ) so I thought it has to be at least good if not great, wrong. I did like the fact that you can fold them up with no effort, change cutting heights with no effort, and they look cool if that matters?

    Well to start off they cut like shat, I have to double and triple cut everything but Bermuda to get a clean cut. I am using stock blades, which I should be able too. I have sharpens both mowers to we're the blades will cut paper and that did not work, then I put a flat edge on the knife edge and it still will not cut first pass no matter how fast or how slow I go. I have tried bagging, side discharge, and mulching, all are the same. The rouge blades of grass are all the way through the cut so it can't blame it on any one area. I took the front plastic cover off thinking that it was pushing the grass down and it's not being sucked up to get cut. still did not help.
    It will not cut no matter what with stock blades.

    Second gripe is that when you go to turn around to the go the other direction it tares a hole in the grass. I have tried holding the mowers high and low turning slow and fast nothing works, it's just going to dig a hole in the grass every time and its the same on both sides. The only way to stop the digging is by doing a three point turn.

    Third gripe it's nearly impossible to move unless you use the speed control to move it. It's hard to push on the road and really hard to move it forward or back in the grass.

    Forth gripe is that the rear wheel covers are warping and letting dirt in the wheel gears. This is not causing any said problems because its always been hard to push and dug holes the day I bought them.

    Fifth gripe is that 6 out of 10 times the mowers back fire on shut down.

    Sixth gripe is that you can hardly get the air filter cover off which allows dirt to get in the carb side of the filter. There's a bar that changes the height of the mower one inch from the filter, dead center of it and you can't pull the filter cover down far enough to get it off of the bottom locking tabes.

    Seventh gripe is that there is blow out when you put the bag on until it fills up some. The bag just sits on top of two or three tabes on the top then pivots down and just rest on the flat surface of the mowers with out being able to lock the bottom in any way. It just blows out till there is enough grass in the bag to make a seal, but if you hit a bump or something it comes out the bottom.

    Eighth gripe is I am 5'5" small and little hands and so on to go with it. The speed control is not adjustable enough to make it to where my hand can get a grip with out cramping.

    That's all for now Ill post more when it comes to me, thanks and sorry Gravely I do love your products just not these pieces of junk..
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    That stinks. I had high hopes for this mower even though its non-commercial grade. I would try the Gravely 21 Pro model if you get a chance. That will most likely be my next 21.
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    I bought a Gravely (same as Ariens) LM 21 self propelled mower last year. It has the Kawasaki Commercial grade engine on it. It works very well for me. It gives a clean cut every where that I use it, which isn't all that much. I mainly use it in a few tight areas.

    I don't know if they are still building that model or not, but it is a proven design (deck) that has been around for a long time. It may not be quite commercial grade , although it is pretty heavy built, but it is a versatile mower that can bag, side discharge or mulch.

    I bought it for $675 + tax.

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