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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Is there a difference and if so what are the differences between these two decks? Gravely says "introducing two powerful forces" so I assume they are different decks?
  2. pyromedic

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    Have not heard of the XDC, I just purchased a 144M XDZ with the XFACTOR deck. The 144M Xfactor deck has left me trying to figure out how it can be "GREAT and innovative" when I have had to clean buildup from under the deck after every mowing, blowoff the top of the deck in order to see the belts, purchase a double blade kit to help with cut quality and be in need of a breathing treatment from all the blowout. This appears to be only on the 144M XDZ , or maybe just mine; the crews with the larger decks are not having any issues.
    Gravely rep is working with my dealer to resolve the issues.
  3. Shady Brook

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    I don't know why they don't show the difference in their sales literature. It would seem like a new deck would be prime advertizing. I was at a Gravely dealership today, and looked under the decks. It would seem that the new decks have a large air space in front of the blades. The nose comes to a point, but it looks like it has about three to four inches of open area in front like the new Velocity decks. As I remember it did not have any baffleing ahead of the internal cutting area like the velocity does to allow grass to stand up prior to cutting. It looks like it would flow grass out the door pretty well, but I would think it would probably get buildup in that pointed nose section. Looks like a poor mans velocity to me.

    Hope that helps.
  4. GravelyGuy

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    I never have to scrape my deck, the only time I get any build up is when it is wet and it cleans itself after a couple of passes in a dry area. The cut is really good for me also.
  5. brucec32

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    I have a 2006 144 model, I'm not sure if it's the same deck or not. But my experience, while mixed in some aspects, has been the opposite of yours in these areas. Never any buildup in the deck (and all I use the mower for is tall weeds and junky lawns where the mulcher isn't going to do the job) though it has been a dry year for the most part.

    Also I was just remarking yesterday when adjusting the deck level at how little clippings buildup I got around the pulleys compared to my Exmark.

    It does leave clippings a little long, but I think that's a tradeoff issue with that and ability to mow tall stuff.

    And most of all, almost no blowout. Sometimes I lift my headphones off since there is so little coming out around the deck that I'm wondering if it's running at full rpm.

    Strange how they can be so different. Are you mulching? That might explain some of it.
  6. pyromedic

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    from Texas
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    Thanks for the info. No mulching just try to side discharge with a great cut. I think I have 2007, it has the welded baffle across the front stopping around the scalp wheels and then picking up and going out the chute at the same width. I have to take the blower out to the top of the deck after a hour of average mowing. I removed the doubles and dropped the front deck to 1/4" and it seems to help a bit but I still have to chase leaves because of the blowout in front. I occasionally need to mow the unruly grown up stuff for senior citizens who are getting code violations from the town, they cant afford either to pay or to get a ticket, with my previous estate model I could get this done with minimal issues. I expected to breeze for quite a while, my yard had some tall weed areas after my Kohler quit , the new Gravely choked on it even mowing at 5", mowing slower helped but I did not buy a Z to go slow. I am not sure what GRavely is going to do. Do you know what your drop on the deck is ? Are you running double or back to orignal or the Exmark mulch blades. Caught your post elsewhere. Be safe.
  7. brucec32

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    Yeah, from what I remember mine has the baffles welded inside of the front edge of the deck also. Mine has the 21hp Kawi, I noticed on their website that some newer models had just 19hp on one model, 21hp on the heavier duty.

    My deck is now pitched about 1/4" forward, which may actually be too much. It had been delivered all messed up by the dealer, actually pitched down to the rear, but since I was only mowing really bad lawns with it, nobody noticed. The cut appeared smooth.

    I have used the Exmark high lift blades mostly, with a few rounds of a gator type blade used when discharging and trying to reduce leaves earlier this fall.

    I was able to cut one lawn that was formerly nice but the house was undergoing massive rennovation and vacant this year, at nearly 10mph without clumping. It was unfertilized and unirrigated but with 2 week intervals was still tall on many visits in spring and early summer. It did much better than the Lazer HP discharging, though cutting size was probably larger. My lazer hp does fine mulching and discharging normal turf, but its weak point has been clumping some on heavy stuff, so the Gravely and Exmark compliment each other nicely in that regard (which was my goal in going with 2 ztrs this year)

    I recall that there are 8 brass bolts that are installed to cover holes for the mulching kit when it's not installed. Are yours on? Just brainstorming on anything that could be messing up your deck.
  8. pyromedic

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    I appreciate the info, I am about 1/4" now, I do have some bolts in the deck and they sure suck when trying to scrape the underside. I will see about getting some 16.5 Exmark blades since you are not having issues with buildup, clogging or cut quality. I would like to know why Gravely does not change their blade design if it is an issue on the 44". Be safe.
  9. GreenT

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    Click and drag your mouse right to left or viceversa
  10. John Gamba

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    Thats been on there site for awhile. what new deck is everybody talking about?? the X factor deck?? or are they coming out with a new one other then the X factor??

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