Gravely XDZ junk!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmarkdude, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. exmarkdude

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    Don't let the name fool you, we have five Gravelys. The Gravelys have had their fair share of problems, from idlers, spindles, belts to springs... all covered under warranty, but the down time is killing us. So I bought the XDZ, thinking that since Gravely proclaims that they are 30% touger we would have 30% less down time...yeah right. The ignition coil on the 26 horse lc Kaw went out last week and just got word that the part is back ordered and won't be available until mid-August maybe late August. This machine has less than 100 hundred hours on it and was bought 6 weeks ago. This is after the tension spring has broke twice, the blade belt once and generally cuts like s@#t! I called Gravely and they said it is Kawasaki's problem and Kawasaki said it is Gravely's problem and the dealer does no what the **** to do.
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Funny... because I was just coming on here to ask...

    "who owns the XZD's and how are they doing?"
  3. zak406

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    How is it gravelys fault if the kaw engine had a problem not like they are producing the engine.
  4. Howie's Lawn Care

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    That's what I was thinking.
  5. Tharrell

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    If it were my dealer, he'd have the machine fixed asap. That means robbing parts from a showroom model if need be. Why the wait on parts?
  6. ThirdDay

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    Gravely dealers are clueless for the most part when it comes to commercial accounts. They are use to mainly homeowner business and will not do the things needed to keep commercial cutters on the road.

    There are exceptions to the rule but, in most cases, this is 100 percent true!
  7. Shady Brook

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    It may not be the dealers fault, or Gravely's fault, but they bare responsibility for getting the mower fixed now. The fact that Gravely did not take a proactive approach casts a negative light upon them. They should never say it is Kawasaki's fault, they are the one contracting Kaw for the engine. They can work it out with Kaw behind the scenes and on their own time. Get him the part from whereever you have to and get him up and going. Same for the dealer.... pull the part from a machine in stock, raise cain with the distributor and Gravely if need be, and get him a good demo unit to run if all else fails. Everyone gets mud on their face like this, and the contractor gets hosed. This is a loose loose situation.
  8. tallimeca

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    Gravely dealers have been around for 100 years and was one of the first "commercial" or farm equipment oem around. Sorry you haven't had good dealings with Gravely, but you can't stereo type something based off your experience.

    As far as this issue goes, it's not Gravely's problem. It's Kawasaki's problem. They built the engine, not Gravely.

    If the dealer had another unit in stock, I agree, swipe the coil off it and get the customer back out in the field.

    If he doesn't, call Kawaski and have them emergency order it.

    Or.......why don't you or your dealer make a couple phone calls to some other dealers in the area and see if they have it and have them ship it or pick it up.
  9. Brendan Smith

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    we do that all the time for customers who purchased new vehicles here when parts are backordered or ship-direct.
  10. ThirdDay

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    Farm equipment and "commercial" are two completely seperate animals. Like I stated before, Gravely and other "farm implement" type dealers are clueless when it comes to our business. A lot of Cub Cadet dealers fall into this same category.

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