Gravely Z-34 or Hustler Fast Trac-36

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rob's Lawn Care, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Rob's Lawn Care

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    I am needing to seriously look at purchasing a small mower that can get through a 36" gate for my residentials and have narrowed it to the 2 following. Which one would you go with and why? The price is about the same, $350.00 more for the Z-34. The service from both of the dealers i know would be good, maybe a little faster with the gravely dealer. I will tell you i have never know any one local that has expierienced the hustler fast trac 36. The local dealer just started to carry the line in July, they seem like well built smooth machines. Any help on this matter would be appriciated, Thanks, Rob
  2. dwost

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  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Wow on the Cub!!!

    As far as the other two... geez, there's a lot of points to both.

    Have you demo'd either?
  4. MMLawn

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    I could very well be wrong here but I thought the Fast Track was geared/marketed as a homeowner unit?
  5. Travis Followell

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    The Fast Trac is a Residential mower that is not designed for commercial use. If you want a small Hustler commercial mower then you will want to look at the mini z. It will cost you more but it will hold up to commercial use where the fast trac will not. I would definately take the hustler over the Gravley.
  6. Mowingman

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    We have sold qiute a few 34Z Gravelys this year. Most have been sold to commercial guys, and all are very happy with the performance of their mowers. We have not had any come back in for warranty issues. I used one myself for a few days, and was impressed by how well it cut, and how it handled really tough mowing. It is a powerful little machine designed for heavy duty commercial use. you won't be disappointed with the 34Z. :)
  7. MisterLandscape

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    The 36" Fastrak is a very well built machine and if bought from a Florida Dealer carries a full 1 year commercial warranty. This policy was changed 3 weeks ago for the Florida market. The 36" comes with 2 engine choices a 15HP Kohler courage single cylinder and a 16HP Honda V-Twin. We have sold a large number of these machines and generally sell them as soon as we can get them in. The 36" with the Kohler we retail for 2999.99. Hope this helps you. Steve
  8. MisterLandscape

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    In Florida this is considered a commercial machine by Hustler and I would propose that Florida is one tough environment that is rarely equelled. We have a 12 month cutting season and the 36" and 42" Fastrak are considered commercial here. A 1 year commercial warrty apllies the the machine and the Honda engine option will give you 2 years on the engine. We have sold alot of them and have had no problems.
  9. Tider6972

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    Well, I guess you can "consider" it commercial if you want. The fact is, the Hustler uses a garden tractor hydro-drive. Nothing commercial about that, whatsoever, in anybody's book. Sorry.

    The Gravely is fully commercial grade. frame, deck (a full 5 1/4" deep, 7 gauge), and most importantly, the hydro system. The 34Z uses 2 HydroGear pumps and 2 HydroGear wheel motors, the same as used on the vast majority of full size ztr's.

    I wish Hustler would put a commercial hydro system on the 36...I'd get one to match my SuperZ 60", 28 EFI.
  10. MisterLandscape

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    Im not sure of the price of the Gravly 34" but the 36" Hustler sells for 2999.99 and the encapsulated pump and wheel motors have a design life of about 1500 to 1600 hours. The cost of the units compared tot he difference of the initial purchase of the gravely should be considered. The rest of the 36" Hustler has the same warranties...lifetime leading edge of deck, lifetime frame and 3 years on spindles and front fork bearings.

    Plus for 3,000 bucks if you go 1500 hours its really disposable.

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