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gravely z


LawnSite Member
i was wanting some input on a gravely.it is a commercial machine 100 series 52 inch cut.it looks very strong and well built.i know its not an exmark or scag but are they any good or should i stay away from them?i have no accounts like hospitals or any thing like that.most of what i do is residential and i have a few yards that are big but i was wondering if the gravely would be ok.


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Central Arkansas
A friend of mine has a 2005 144Z with 19 KAW with 1335 hrs and it is running strong. Lot of people swear by them, and some swear at them, like every other mower.

Best advice I can give; GET IT CHECKED OUT BY A QUALIFIED MECHANIC if you are really serious about it, and then you will know for sure. (Experience can be a hard task master, and I've been there, done that!) Don't get it checked, and it's just a "crap shoot." :):)

waters lawn care

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I run a 152 gravely this has been a verry riliable machine.The only complaint i really have with mine is that the seat is not the most comfortable after a long day.As for hills i have yet to find one it will not stay on even a little scary sometimes.If doing big hills get a ROPS system well worth the money and safety.Only one major breakdown had a pump failure at around 500hrs.Everything else was minor and planning on getting another.