Gravely zero turn Zinga hyd/ filter alternative

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kd1yt, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Hello all- I am a homeowner who bought a Gravely 250z in fall 2001 on an incredible end of season deal (after years of crappy second-hand limp-along mowers). Just recently went to change the hydraulic fluid/filter and was blown away by the cost of the "official" OEM Gravely/ Zinga hydraulic filter. Did some homework and found that the filter threads/ diameter, flow, etc, are pretty darn close to the Fram PH8Å that was the standard for Ford automotive engines for decades. So, went down to the local auto parts place and got the Purolator Pure One equivalent to the Fram PH8A, since the Purolator Pure one flows as well, GPM-wise, but also filters much, much better (than either the Zinga or Fram) on the smallest contaminates. Cost about $5.00. Spun it into place on my Gravely, poured in the new Mobil 1 15W/50, and held my breath... and the machine is humming along for a month now, happy as ever, and the filter should actually keep the hydraulic system more clear of fine contaminates than the OEM filter. Since this forum is where I got some of the start that allowed me to track this alternative filter down, I wanted to "give back" the results I found.

    best regards, all
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    Humm..... I done some investigating on this about a year ago but found the replacement from oregon, I found an oil filter with the same micron rating size and threads but didnt use it for some reason. Ill get back with
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    Go to Hydradine Hydraulics, I have bought actual Zinga filters from them for my older Gravelys for about $5 plus shiping when Gravely was at $35 for the exact same item.

    The FRAM is a piece of garbage with paper end caps. The Zinga filter has a synthetic media.

    Wait till cold weather, you'll be lucky if the mower even moves, 15W-50 is thick stuff, you're going to starve the pumps of oil or obstruct return service line to the tank. Burn up a pump, and you will likely cross-contaminate the whole system. Penny wise, dollar poor.
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    Since hydraulic systems are so sensitive to dirt, I am going to guess that the Zinga is a 10 micron filter?? Designed with lots of media to allow sufficient high flow.

    Where did you learn that the Purolator engine oil filter is rated better than 10 microns? The only engine filters I know of that approach that level of filtration are the Mobil 1 and the Amsoil Eao.

    Did you consider a Wix/NAPA hydraulic filter?

    I don't have my references available now to confirm the above info...I will leave that up to you. But, I believe there are design differences between a hydraulic filter and an engine filter.

    Reminds me of the time I was at a CAT dealer and they were tearing down a $80,000 dollar excavator because someone put in a "too large" micron fuel filter and the injectors and fuel pump were destroyed......about one month after install. Penny wise - pound foolish.
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    Make sure that the replacement filter not only fits but also has the same specs. I used another brand filter for a Dixie Chopper hydro system once. It worked fine until a couple of months later when one of the hydraulic pumps was shot. The replacement filter had an anti-drainback valve, the original DC filter,which I think is made by Zinga, did not. An expensive filter is a lot cheaper than a ruined pump or hydraulic motor.
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    in response to the questions and concerns above- I'm pretty methodical in researching stuff before I get into it, and here's my backgroung. The 15W/50 fluid is what Gravely specifies. As to the micron ratings, Gravely's OEM filter on my 250Z was a Zinga 40 micron unit (Zinga BE-40-0). I'd checked NAPA/WIX and they did not list an alternate/ cross-ref. The Purolator PureOne is rated to filter better, micron-wise, while still retaining flow, than a standard motor oil filter, which would already be better than the Gravely's stock 40 micron. And it has more cross section of filter media than the Zinga. So I am pretty sure I am better off than stock. I agree Frams are crap- but the Purolator PureOne cross-ref from the Fram PH8A is not crap

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