Gravely ZT XL 42”


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Hey guys, one of these mowers is selling in my area. Thing is basically brand new 48 hrs on it. Any idea if these decks are interchangeable? Thats the only thing thats holding me back. Comes with a 42” deck and Im wondering if I could remove it and replace it with a larger one. Also any insight on these mowers is helpful. I have always had Wright Standers. Never had a sit down zero turn like this. So this would be a completely different thing for me.

Thank you!


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Caddo Mills, TX
I have a Gravely XL 54 from 2013 that has been flawless except for a couple starter solenoids. Mows great, Kawasaki hasn't missed a beat, and it was very cost-effective. I don't know about deck-swapping

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