gravely zt1232 transmissions or motor swap?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lukedncn, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. lukedncn

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    Kind of a hard topic to explain but long story short i have two identical mowers...the gravely has a bad motor but good transmissions and the other has bad transmissions but a good motor....both bodies are in good shape other than tires and obviously that is nothing to question is which is easier and requires less time to change? the motor or the transmissions?.... my first thought and action was to try and service the bad transmissions but due to it being such a small mower i guess gravely didnt see it feesable to put a serviceable transmission in these...there is no resorvoir or drain screw...i tried putting some of the recommended oil in through the vent hoses but it does the same thing...jerks really bad when mowing forward or just looking for the best idea you guys can come up with...otherwise they are both going to the road and im gonna buy a new one lol...any input would help...thanks in advance...luke
  2. weaver

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    Hey have u checked for a slipping belt on the one u think the trans are bad on? If you're for sure they're bad, i would say swap the engine.1 electrical plug gas line clutch and for bolts on bottom of engine and its off..
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  3. a clear difference lawn

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    I agree, swapping the engine should be much easier.
  4. Dharvey

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    Luke would you be willing to sell parts from the other gravely zt 1232. I have a bushing in the clutch assembly that my son destroyed. The bushing is not on gravely's parts list because it is part of the entire clutch assembly. If you are open to this you may txt or call me at 210-723 eight637.



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