Gravely ZT2350 (2007) vs 2548xl (2008) advice

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by chrisallenv61, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. chrisallenv61

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    I've got two neighbors that are both ready to buy 2007 Gravely ZT2350's. We all went together to buy three of the same mower and I sat on a 2008 2548xl and was impressed by that machine. Is it worth the $1000 difference to get the XL??? I went to another dealer today to ask their opinion and was basically told to buy a Scag and not to even look at the Gravely. That dealer sells both. I'm not interested in spending $5000+ for a mower no matter if it is better. I'm looking in the $4000 range. I've got 1 acre and it's fairly flat. I have a septic mound in the backyard and a drainage ditch on one side of the yard. Our house was finished being built in April of 2006 and we planted the grass in September 2006 and I mowed all of 2007 with a Toro Wheelhorse 10-30 rear engine rider. I had to mow the lawn twice every time (once in two different directions, perpendicular to each other) in order for it to look nice. What should I buy??? Thanks in advance for your advice!!!
  2. kwagner

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    im in the same boat as you are. I have been looking at the gravely 2044 XL and the hustler mini fasttrak 17 42. I posted everything about the two in another post. They are both just under $4000. I know the hustler is a very good machine, but im trying to find out if the gravely is comparable because it has several more options to it.
  3. dago52

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    I am also in the same boat. I have yet to pull the trigger on either the Hustler or Gravely. The things that I have noticed between the regular zt and the zt/xl are the fab deck, armrest, and hood cover. With that said, only you can determine whether it is justifyable. If you and your neighbor's are buying a total of three mowers, then I would try and bargain the price down. I really like the Gravely XL models. As far as Hustler vs Gravely, I think they are both great machines. I personally take great care of all my tools and equipment. So I think what ever mower I decide to purchase will perform for a long period of time. Dealer service should also be part of your decision. My Hustler and Gravely dealers are helpful and supportive, which makes my decision harder. The more reading I do on these mowers, the more aggravated I get. I may just use my Honda walk behind another year. Anyway, I don't have a ztr (yet), but I hope my research can help you guys.

  4. kwagner

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    Thats exactly my problem...I just told my wife that last night...things are supposed to get easier the more research we do.
  5. Capemay Eagle

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    Listen to your dealer and get the Scag, I wanted the Freedom Z but it was too much mower for what I needed. The Hustler Mini fastrak is probably the best 1 acre Z out there. I am telling you for 1 acre, it is the machine and it is affordable..

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