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    I always liked gravely. My first zt was a 48 inch gravely. Went shopping for a bigger mower this year.One dealer carried Exmark, Scag and Gravely. Dealer told me that he liked the Exmarks best. Said the Gravely doesnt cut as nice as the Scag. My 48 cut great, but based on his "expertise" I went with a Scag. Seems to me Gravely needs to talk to their dealers to see what they are saying about the mowers. I think both Scag and Gravely are good mowers, I guess you will have to demo both and decide for yourself
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    This is very common in my area too. One dealer really only pushes Exmark but carries both Scag and Gravely too. My response was lets demo all three in the rain!! You should have heard the excuses why he wouldnt let me try the Exmark in wet conditions!! Scag and Gravely no problem.
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    from reading these forums I don't think you can really go wrong with any of the major players in the game. i think the best mower for anyone is the one that is most comfortable to them, it doesn't appear that any one mower is leaps and bounds above another. kinda like ford, chevy, dodge it's all a matter of opinion and dealer support.
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    It would be interesting to know how many recommendations of one mower being better than another (at the same dealer), are solely based on how much commission the dealer stands to make.

    I'm sure that plays a huge role, after all, the dealers are in business to make money, as much as they can, and you can't really hold that against them...especially in tough times like these.
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    like Stan said. that dealer probably makes more money on the Scag ztman.

    my cuts with either of my Gravely mowers look as good or better than anyone else's i have seen. I don't have any experience with a Prostance but my walk behind and ztr have had zero issues. let us know how you like it.

    Go ahead and consider Gravely a top brand. Just like Scag, Toro, Exmark, Deere, or whoever. My buddy has a Walker. He calls me and my Gravelys for help when the grass gets too thick for him and his mower to handle.

    Their customer service is the best. they will go out of their way to take care of you.
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    My first zero turn was a snapper 60 inch bought it used in the mid 90's I was a snapper guy still like the walk behinds. It had the joy stick control witch was great the best turns on a mower the bad it was slow the wheel drive belt allway needed to be adjusted did I mention slow. In 98 I bought a Exmark lazer 60 inch so much faster handled better on hills cut better all around better less down time. I cut with it till may of 2011 but engine was leaking oil real bad pumps were getting old and had about 3900 hrs so went to my exmak dealer. To get a comparable mower I was looking at at least 10 grand I had paid under 7 for last one so was a bit taken back. They tried to sell me a cheaper version for about 8 grand but wasn't trilled with it as far as specs. I shopped around snapper, toro, skag, hustler and a friend told me about gravelys said they were like a tank. I ended up with a 260 pro turn with a 29 hp efi koller for 8200 and have been very happy. No problems with the mower mechanically it isn't as good on the hills as my exmark have to slow down a bit but make up time with its speed everywhere else. The stock blades are the best I have ever used very heavy hold an edge for longer then I expected. I have used it to cut fields of grass over 2 foot high with 2 passes and very happy with the cut. The fuel injection has saved me some on gas even with this years high prices. I'm all about Gravely now thanks Normie.
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    This post is in the Lawn Mowing Equipment & Accessories * * * * SPONSOR FORUMS area of LawnSite. There are a handful of quick reviews on that page as the entire page is dedicated to the new Gravely ProStance.
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    I have had my Gravely demo now since last Tuesday. I have not put that many hours on it because the grass here has pretty much stopped growing. I did get to cut with it for a few hours the other day on various conditions. The first lawn had not been cut in a long time and the guy asked me last week to cut it. When first starting out I was not very impressed by the cut quality. It did stripe well but didn't cut very clean. Comparing it to the V Ride it did handle better and was a lot more comfortable. It did seem slower vs the Scag. The next lawn I cut was some open fields at a factory I mow. One section I had not mowed in about a month and it really struggled cutting that. The grass has a lot of clover, Canadian thistle and other weeds and was just balling up under the deck. At this point in my demo I was just about done with it and was ready to write them off the list of mowers. Then I cut another area that is 3 acres of wide open ground that I mowed the week before. The grass here is pretty decent not perfect. It cut this stuff flawless! It took me less time than it does with my ZD331 60" Kubota as well. After this field I think this mower will perform very well in most conditions just not very well on areas that don't get cut every week. I am demoing a Wright stander x starting tomorrow the rep is dropping off at 10 in the morning. All in all the Gravely is a good machine I believe. It is built very well, love the foot deck lift and is comfortable to ride. It handles well and sticks to hills pretty well also. It is compact and will fit side ways in my enclosed trailer. Although the deck would not discharge the best in those few situations it never bogged down or lacked power. I will post some pics tomorrow as I took plenty of the machine and of the couple yards I cut with it so you guys could see the results.
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    Looking at a gravely 32 wb used any one have experience with these
  10. Ridin' Green

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    Do you have the brand new version that just came out with the wider discharge opening, or the one like I had that came out in the spring this year?

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