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I started my business part time last summer with around 10 residential customers. I'm looking to grow in my local area into the larger homes having 1 to 11/2 acre lots. Most of homes in the area are new and there isn't a lot of trees or landscaping on the properties.
My question is ... my funds are limited but I need to upgrade to a faster larger machine. I need to pick the right size understanding my funds are the issue.
Gravely has a new ztr mower model# 992056 compact 34Z. It is 34" with 15 hspr kaw. $3999.00
Is it big enough for the size lawn I seek. I can still use it on some of my current customers as well. Is gravely a good make?

Also ... anyone in the detroit suburbs doing 1 acre to 11/2 .... what is a good price to start at? I guessing around $60 if ther4e is not a lot of trimming to do ... sound right? I have paid cash for all my equipment so far and don't plan to finance.

Any suggestions? Oh ... I'm 44 and shying away from walk behinds if I can ... too much track in my younger years :p


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west KY
Anybody have the 1740 or the 1944? I am looking at both of them. They look to be good units. How has the reliability of the Gravely ZTR's been?
Originally posted by RSKY
Anybody have the 1740 or the 1944? I am looking at both of them. They look to be good units. How has the reliability of the Gravely ZTR's been?

I own a 1844 which was new in 2003, i needed a ztr for a cemetary that I mow so i thought that I would try one out. I loved it for that but a few other jobs that I use it on it is way undered power.However i like the machine , I think that I am going to run it this year and trade it for a 152z


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Gravely seems to making some pretty good ZRiders. They introduced this one for getting thru gates. Our local dealer is selling them pretty briskly. I have looked at em but not demoed. I plan to when he gets his next one in.

They are commercial and look to be made pretty well.

Do a search. About a month ago there were two posts on demos of this machine. If I remember correctly, one post was very favorable and one was luke warm.

Good Luck.

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I once read somewhere else that you should have at least 18 hp to pull a man on a sulky. It must have to do with all the extra weight on the motor and motor's that small need as little as possible.


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I don't know where you got your informatio, but I am using Gravely ProG Kawasaki 13HP, 32" and am pulled on a sulky every time.

I weigh 160, and if it were not for the sulky, I would not be able to keep up with my mower.


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The Gravely 34 Z is priced the same [$3995] as their walk behind hydro pro mower with a 36" deck. They took the extra 2 inches off [34 inch] so that it would fit through the common 36 inch fence gate. The 34Z has the HG 10BDL hydro pumps that is on most good Z riders. The Gravely mower decks are superb [all of them]. Nobody makes a better deck than Gravely. The 34Z is a special purpose built unit, that is commercial grade [not homeowner grade] and they have it priced very very well.

You asked if Gravely is a good make.

Gravely is the oldest brand in powered outdoor turf and garden equipment. They have made gasoline walk behind tractors for gardening since 1917. Their small equipment has always been the gold standard. This is a smaller company that never had the marketing ability of John Deere, or Toro etc. but they have always made excellent, bone tough equipment.


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I demo'd the 34" Gravely. Built like a tank. They use the same castors as on their bigger machines. The mower went up over a very tall curb with no problem. I didn't cut any grass with it, so I can't comment on the quality of cut or power when cutting. I also thought it might be too heavy and leave footprints, but then I figured if they use the same size tires as thier bigger mowers, then the PSI would be less based on the overall weight of the mover.

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