Gravely's Customer Service Faltering

Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by puppypaws, Apr 30, 2016.

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    I thought your company would find this post informative concerning your customer service. I knew without doubt when Mary Lyn left; your customer service would move into a downward spiral. The first thing you should do is get rid of the "snippy" receptionist mentioned in the post if truly interested in improving your customer service.


    "Post that number for me....been searching for MONTHS! Only number you can find on goggle is not an 800 number and goes straight to Ariens. I just called the other day because my dealer can't remember to return phone calls. I was treated as if I wasn't part of the exclusive club that had the privilege to have the time of day with them. I was told my best bet to get help was to contact my dealer. I then said my dealers phone says they're busy with other customers all the time. When you do get thorough you talk to a front desk girl who says she'll pass your message on. Did that 2 times with NO CALL BACK! The woman on the other side of the phone at Ariens was real "snippy" and said I'll email your message to the appropriate department and you'll get an email response when they get to it."
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    With the recent Gravely bashing on here lately with the lack of cust support and cutting issues on the 60"XFII is shedding a bad light on them . There is no doubt in my mind this is going to hurt their sales. This could really hurt the Gravely brand and effect their market share. What happened to the company that connected with GMLC and knocked that ball out of the park with cust service. How much did their sales numbers jump from 2012 to now? Do they think that's only because their dealer network was driving that? Do they realize how much influence positive posts on LS drive us to the dealers and how much the interaction with MaryLyn helped us make the purchase of a new machine because we felt we had factory support at the touch of our finger tips . Gravely needs to go back and investigate the numbers from when MaryLyn took over her role and they will see the proof is in the pudding and they made a mistake letting go such a valuable asset. Bring her back and give her a pay bump she deserves it!!! And Gravely as a brand deserves it ,look back at your previous 100 years and if you want to make that success for your future generations I think your heading in the wrong direction with your recent model change.
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    Believe me, I'm not sure the company has had time to see the light, but believe me their eyes will be opened, just a little more time needed is my guess. I've already heard people say they would not buy another Gravely for no more than the fact Mary Lyn is no longer working for the company. Scag and Hustler are selling mowers like there is no tomorrow, my guess is Gravely is once again dragging up the rear in sales, and I know their dealer network is lacking. They've been in my part of the country doing everything in their power to bring new dealers into their network, and the ones I know have all turned them down. One that had been a dealer for Gravely 20+ years told them to pick up their mowers, then turned around and took on the Exmark line.

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