Gravely's New Features for the Pro-Turn 200 Series

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    Take a minute to check out Gravely's new features for the Pro-Turn 200 Series for 2015.

    - Increased frame by 20% for stability
    - XL Spindles with 3 year warranty
    - Floating Foot Platform reduces vibration
    - Larger access point to deck for ease of maintenance
    - Improved mechanical deck lift system with 17 different HOC adjustments
    - Handle Controls adjusted for more space and operator comfort
    - Dashboard more ergonomically friendly
    - 30% less parts in pump and wheel system for less maintenance
    - KOHLER Command PRO EFI 29 HP 824cc engine for fuel cost savings with increased power and torque

    Click here to view this video for more details on these new features.

    Let me know if you are interested in a demo or if you need help finding your local dealer.


    Mary Lyn

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    Two thumbs up on the improvements to the 2015 Pro Turn 260! Really enjoying mine.
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