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    You all know how I feel about Gravely's X-Factor deck. IMO its one of the top three decks made. Awesome stripes, super smooth cut and no clumps. It cuts amazing in most all conditions, even wet! My feedback (and obviously many others) to Gravely was if the discharge was just a bit bigger and if it could be fine tuned for different conditions this deck could be the best hands down. Well Gravely did just that!! The new X-Factor II has a three inch larger discharge opening, adjustable front skirts, and even updated stronger spindles!!!

    About a month ago I got an email from Gravely asking if I would like to try the new deck!! I said yes send me a demo for a couple weeks during cutting season, they said no we are sending you a new deck for your Pro-Turn 452!!! Once again I was blown away by Gravely's customer service.

    Last week I got a call from my dealer saying my new deck is in!! Today I dropped off my mower to have it installed and took some pics. I also found out Gravely sent me a new blower assembly for my bagging system that fits the new larger discharge!!!! Once I start cutting I will be updating this thread with my honest opinion. Enjoy some pics in the meantime.






  2. GMLC

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    I want to add that the new deck is still marked as X-Factor not X-Factor II, it looks identical on the top side. My old discharge is about 10" wide, the new discharge is about 13".
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    Thats awesome but its a little pricey for me, maybe in a couple years. 452 here I come!
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    Can't wait to hear about the comparison to make sure I made the right decision in waiting for the new one, I'm sure it will be great though.
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    Looks well built.

    Lots of nuts, bolt heads, and baffle edges to grab grass though.

    Let us know how it does.

    Remember, a shiny coat of new paint makes any deck do well in the wet. Let the paint wear off and often times ones impression of things change.
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    You're not really gonna take that out and get it all dirty are ya?!?:laugh:

    Gravely is doing things right IMO, and is the company all other should be trying to model themselves after. Too bad their big ego's won't let them.
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    Turbo baffle off the boxed in section at the rear of the discharge chute!!! Thanks for taking that pic!
  8. BeachysLawn

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    I have the new deck on my 148 and the cut is amazing. I have one lawn with 3 acres of turf area that is all weeds and last year, with my Wright, the customer was just never very happy. Lots of clumping and hard to get it cut without pieces sticking up here and there. Since I picked up my 148, they call me after every cut raving about how great it looks and what an awesome job I did. It takes half the effort with my Gravely as it did with the stander. I've gotten similar responses from other clients who don't even know I have a new mower. Not saying it looked bad before, but just saying Wow, it really looks amazing.

    Having said all that, I find that grass really catches and packs in where those baffles are. That gets really annoying having to reach up under there periodically and scrape that out.
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    Great news! I cant wait to try it. Do you have any pics of the cut?

    I also have a Scag mower with the adjustable front baffels that collect grass in the spring when things are moisture ridden. I clean them at the end of the day with a garden hose. As long as the grass doesnt drop out while mowing Im happy.
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  10. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    This is going to be good

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