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    I'd be interested to know the gap between top of blade sail and the baffle, if I could be a PITA enough to ask.
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    I demoed the 460 with 31 hp kaw and 60 in cut and I think I am going to purchase one tomorrow! Had it last week and wow did it cut great! I have ran a dixie chopper 60 inch cut with the 27 hp generac for the last 7 years and this pro turn is def my next machine! My question is has anyone ran one with the smaller EFI motors vs the 31 hp kaw. The 31 kaw ran smooth as ever but it did seem to be pretty thirsty. Prostreet how has yours treated you? You seem to like it but hows the fuel been?
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    I'm not sure from reading your post if you know this or not, so maybe the 31 he had isn't what you were asking about but he traded his 31 in on this brand new 29 Kohler EFI 460 recently.
  4. INlawncare

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    Yea sorry, I should have been little more clear. Was wondering how the 29 hp was working out for him. My dealer here swears by the kaw motors. Our local school corp runs nothing but the kaw on their gravely machines and they just traded in some with close to 2500 hrs and were still running good. I like the power and smoothness of the 31 kaw but i would have to think that the 29 EFI would consume less and have about the same power really? But not for sure as I have not ran either for much time at all.
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    Thanks! ...........
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    You have a lot of patience and are tactful with words Prostreet.
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    There will be a large difference in power between the 31 Kawi and 29 EFI Kohler.

    Depending on what 31 we are talking about there is a 100 to 250cc difference between the Kawi and Kohler.
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  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Well mine is still so new I have not really gauged the fuel usage yet. I think it only has 5 hours on it so far. It had about 3/4 of a tank when I picked it up with .2 hours on it. After today its still not completely empty (almost but not quite empty).

    So lets break it down VERY roughly

    13 gallons between the two tanks (they dont really hold quite the rated capacity)

    13/2 tanks = 6.5 per tank

    6.5/4 = 1.625 X 3 = 4.875 roughly is 3/4 tank

    In 5 hours I have burned roughly between 4.875 to 5 gallons

    WAY better than the 2+gph 31hp kawi on my last machine!!! Holy sheet that is the first time I have even thought about that. That is incredible. Almost seems to good? I have burned 3/4 of a tank in 5 hours. Let me double check in the morning and make sure it is actually 5 hours and not 4 hours but I think when I looked at the end of our day today it said 5 hours.

    BUT here is the thing. The 31hp kawi is stronger no doubt about it. The 31hp nothing would phase it. I have cut a couple steep hills with the new efi and I can hear the rpm's drop slightly. If I stab on the sticks hard the rpm's will drop pretty bad. If you go at a steady pace they just drop a little and you climb right on up. I would NOT get the 29efi if you plan on running a bagger on the back of it.
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    Im not on here to make enemies with anybody. I know many people are very set on what they like and don't like. Bosch makes good stuff but I have used many delphi products over the years (fuel pumps, injectors etc etc) and have had great luck with it. Its just like my preference with cars and trucks. You couldnt pay me money to own a ford. Been there and done that and got like 5 lemons in a row. Never again. That is how I feel about kawi at this point.
  10. Ridin' Green

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    That's correct.
    here are the corrected stats for the 29 EFI Kohler-
    J1995 Power hp (kW) 3 25.3 (18.9)
    J1995 Torque lbs ft (Nm) 3 38.7 (52.5)

    for the 31 Kawi (true 31 like PSC had- FX921V)-

    Maximum Power 31.0hp (23.1kW)at 3,600rpm
    Maximum Torque 54.3ft lbs (73.6N·m)at 2,400RPM

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